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we have a contract


the seller of the coop we are trying to buy returned the signed contract. we have a verbal commitment to a mortgage with the letter forthcoming. next stop, the coop board. fingers crossed. if this all works out as planned, we could be in our own apartment [that we actually own] by early fall.

everything’s coming to a grinding halt


bonus points to me for the lyrical reference to the cure. the mood i’m in, be glad i didn’t quote “sinking”. we made such good headway with buying the coop apartment. we found a place we liked. we made an offer and it was accepted. stop. full stop. we’ve been waiting for a week and […]

me, a homo-wner?


should, of course, be homeowner. but i wanted to drive the lame joke to its breaking point. yes, kirk and i are thinking about buying a coop. seriously thinking, to the point of realigning our finances to put things in motion, and looking at places. now, let’s get this straight. i didn’t suddenly win the […]