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kristen hall sues sugarland


from an associated press article a few days ago: A founder of the country band Sugarland is suing the two current members of the popular group for $1.5 million. According to a lawsuit filed late last month in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, Kristen Hall was to get a cut of the group’s profits even […]

the balcony is closed


via daring fireball, roger ebert says goodbye [to the old] and hello [to the new]. wonderfully written, with a moving comment section.



more often than not (especially as i get older) my criteria for going to an actual movie theater to see a movie is: “is it something i must see on the big screen?” “trumbo” the movie opened this past weekend. i saw the play several times, starting from workshop performances. kirk’s former boss at the […]



» versions of “gypsy” i have seen/heard prior to last night: — the rosalind russell movie version — the bette midler tv version — the bernadette peters broadway version — the ethel merman broadway cast recording — the genesius theatre version in kirk’s boyhood home of reading, pa kirk could add: — the tyne daly […]

ellen and senator john mccain debate gay marriage


this is a must-watch video clip — ellen hands john mccain his head on a plate, logic-wise. here’s my favorite part: “Blacks and women did not have the right to vote. I mean, women just got the right to vote in 1920. Blacks didn’t have the right to vote until 1870. And it just feels […]

i used my $40 dtv converter box coupon


kirk and i have an hdtv, but it’s an older model and doesn’t have a built-in tuner. it’s just a monitor. so without paying for cable, we’ve never been able to get a television signal. no cable, no signal, no tv. and since we dropped cable about a year ago, the only things we’ve used […]

and the oscar for best score goes to…


jonny greenwood for “there will be blood”? um, no. i know. let’s give the oscar to the most cloying and obvious score in recent memory. honestly. i didn’t think much of atonement. the young girl (saorise ronan) was phenomenal, but the movie itself was badly in need of some editing. i nearly fell asleep while […]

loving me some twin peaks


no not women’s breasts, you boob. i mean twin peaks, the tv show. kirk is a huge fan of the series, which i missed the first time around. but we’re both big david lynch fans, so i got him the dvd box set at the first season has been available in the u.s. for […]

popcorn superhet receiver: update


the new yorker’s alex ross writes intelligently and movingly about “popcorn superhet receiver” and jonny greenwood’s score for “there will be blood”. it’s a subject i’ve been droning on about a lot lately. if you haven’t seen the movie to hear the score in context, at least buy the soundtrack. trust me. both are incredible.

jonny greenwood and “popcorn superhet receiver”: no oscar for you


jonny greenwood’s score for “there will be blood”, which i discussed in my previous post, has been disqualified from consideration for an oscar this year. when the nominations came out this morning and he wasn’t on the list, i assumed that he had just been overlooked for his amazing work, which was in my estimation […]

popcorn superhet receiver


kirk and i saw “there will be blood” recently and came out raving about the score, which was by jonny greenwood of radiohead. i thought it was the best thing about the movie, daniel day-lewis included. kirk didn’t go that far, but that’s what makes the phone book. so when i got a ny times […]

cherry blossoms


via kottke, a story about an artist whose project illustrates our disconnect with the terrorism that so many other countries live with every day. from alyssa wright’s site: The project starts in a backpack outfitted with a small microcontroller and a GPS unit. Recent news of bombings in Iraq are downloaded to the unit every […]

smell yo dick


reading the sunday new york times (which is huge and very sensibly comes on saturday to give you additional time to read it) i ran across a blurb about riskay, a rapper from bartow, florida. my dad lived in bartow, so it caught my eye. also, riskay looks like a drag queen, so that caught […]

getting caught up


with the holidays upon us, it’s been a while since i posted. here’s what’s been going on: » we had a holiday/housewarming party. tremendous fun, attended by ~30 of our friends at one point or another. we had it on saturday 12/1 from 5pm until ???. the ??? turned out to be about 1:30am. old […]

your creation museum report


via daring fireball, a tour of the creation museum, from just the right perspective. here’s a sample: Let me say this much: I have to admit admiration for the pure balls-out, high-octane creationism that’s on offer here. Not for the Creation Museum that mamby-pamby weak sauce known as “Intelligent Design,” which tries to slip God […]

entertainment on strike


the world of entertainment is on strike. and how is it affecting me? not much, i have to say. at least not directly. first there’s the writer’s strike in hollywood. i guess that if you were a big tv watcher, you’d be upset about this. no new episodes of csi or lost or letterman or […]

trendspotting: music without earphones


i’ve seen this enough recently that i think it’s a trend-in-waiting. after years and years of everyone wearing headphones and listening to their own music in their own world, i’m seeing a growing number of younguns going headphoneless on the subway. not with big boom boxes, but with small devices with a small external speaker. […]

those demonic black-clad youth


from a news article about the school shootings in cleveland: Coon, who was white, stood out in the predominantly black school for dressing in a goth style, wearing a black trench coat, black boots, a dog collar and chains, she said….Police believe Coon, wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt, black jeans and black nail polish, targeted […]

SNL Digital Short – ‘I Ran’


another in a series of andy samberg shorts for saturday night live, in case you missed it. this one’s called “i ran”, and imagines a love story between samberg and mahmoud ahmadinejad of iran, where by ahmadinejad’s account there are no homosexuals. hilarious stuff, and i love how samberg does this without a trace of […]

unsolicited recommendation:


via kottke, the “secret site” for the upcoming new movie “wall-e” from pixar. i generally hate it when companies do crap like trying to make me “discover” their site to accomplish their guerilla/word-of-mouth marketing campaign objectives, but this site is exceedingly well done and a riot to click through. it interests me that the movie […]