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t. rex, scruffy the cat, lloyd cole, and the perils of aging


sometimes you get little reminders that your brain ain’t what it used to be. kirk and i had a fantastically fun time last night at joe’s pub in the park. joe is joseph papp, the guy who started doing the shakespeare in central park thing, and his public theater has an adjacent performance space for […]

going to the picture show


tickets for a 6:00pm showing of “into the wild”, the sean penn movie about the guy who starved to death in the wilderness of alaska. that shorthand version of the story, of course, does it no justice whatsoever. i vaguely recall reading a long piece about this guy, maybe in the new yorker, and being […]

my television-free life


it’s been several months since kirk and i decided to drop digital cable, and stop watching television. there was some apprehension, and some trepidation (would we miss watching baseball?). it was a financial savings, to be sure — our cable bill went from $120 per month with time warner cable before the move (digital tv […]

learning about joybubbles


one of the great things about the internet is that by goofing around you can stumble across the most interesting things. and yesterday, via boing boing, during my lunch hour i learned about joybubbles. joybubbles was the adopted name of joe engrassia, a blind man who was one of the first phone phreakers. phone phreakers […]

who made steve?


“God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” but then who made steve? here’s the brilliant answer an excerpt: This oft-quoted text presents a mystery. If God did not make Steve, then where did this uncreature come from? How did Steve come to be? God did not make Steve, therefore we must also assume […]

the pope gets it right


pope: creation vs. evolution clash an ‘absurdity’ there’s not many topics on which i can agree with the pope. but, my god (no pun intended) did he nail this one (again, no pun intended). from the article: The pontiff, speaking as he was concluding his holiday in northern Italy, also said that while there is […]

bedtime stories a problem for many parents


via digg, a story about how many parents don’t understand the bedtime stories they read to their children. from the article: Almost a quarter (23%) skip passages they cannot read or invent words to get to the end of a sentence, the poll found. well, at least we have this — …the poll found that […]

kwik-e-mart version of a 7-11


to promote the upcoming simpsons movie, the 7-11 people are rebranding select stores as kwik-e-marts. and they look fabulous. and, there’s one in times square. i am so there.

fake steve on the iphone, consumerism


day in and day out, fake steve jobs for my money has the funniest blog on the web. even if you aren’t an apple fan, it’s still worth a read. his takes on apple, technology, current events, and miscellany are consistently hilarious. and often insightful as well. as was the case with a recent post: […]

michelle shocked, my other favorite artist


amy, a commenter on one of my kristen hall posts, asked me about some of my other musical favorites. i blab on so much about kristen hall, and kiki and herb, that you might think that’s all i like. but you’d be wrong. although i don’t listen to music nearly as much as i did […]

puppet 1, kiki and herb 0


aaaaargh. my worst fears have come true. the puppet that replaced kiki and herb at the helen hayes theater won the tony. words cannot express my fury, and my sadness. on the positive side, justin bond looked stunning, classy, and totally beautiful on tv last night. for the two seconds we saw him. simple and […]

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank


as a follow-up to Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, which i wrote about last year, i humbly present JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank, for sale at at the low low price of $19,999.95. order before midnight tonight and receive your first battle supply of shells at no extra cost. i’m still partial […]

100 words every high school graduate should know


via a digg link, here are the 100 words. before i clicked, i thought i’d know most, if not all, of these words. i’m a college graduate. i taught high school english. after clicking through? let’s just say it was a humbling experience. there were more words i didn’t know, or at least didn’t know […]

mcguire’s forced to remove “joke” bathroom signs


this has to be the dumbest damn thing i’ve seen in a while. there’s a great irish pub in pensacola, florida. used to go there all the time, back in the day. they have live music, usually some folky guy with a guitar with whom you can sing “the unicorn song” or whatever. they have […]

kiki and herb get a tony nomination


good lord, it happened. kiki and herb were nominated for a tony. i’ve written a lot about kiki and herb. kiki is portrayed by justin bond, of shortbus fame. their homepage is a good place to start if you don’t know much about them. congratulations to our miss du rane. we saw her last sunday […]

unexpected theatrical pleasures


there was the play i was dying to see. and the play that, frankly, i was dreading seeing. we saw “deuce on friday night, and had plans to see “our town” on saturday night. yes, that old warhorse. staple of dinner theater and high school gyms everywhere. we had a friend playing the stage manager, […]

angela lansbury in “deuce” tonight


that’s what i’m doing, along with eating at i trulli. it’s been a number of years since angela lansbury was on broadway. 1983 to be exact–a revival of “mame”. before that, you are in the ’70s with “sweeney todd”. so as soon as i saw “deuce” go on sale, i jumped all over it. it’s […]

inside scoop: the final sopranos episode


you may not know of my cassandra-like abilities. you may not be aware of my similarity to nostradamus. i try to be modest about my ability to see the future through my dreams. i reveal this ability only when i know that i can do good by its revelation. so, having dreamed of the ending […]

the millenium the music died


there’s an unbroken line that runs from frank sinatra, to elvis, to the beatles, to david bowie, to the sex pistols, to u2, to nirvana, to eminem. someone was always around to shake things up and make music interesting again, when all was looking irretrievably lost. the sex pistols had sid. u2 has bono. nirvana […]

justin bond and the monks


sunday and monday, i attended back to back theatrical events that showcased the variety of opportunities for fun in new york city. on monday night, i was at joe’s pub for the inaugural talk show with justin bond. justin bond is the performer who portrays kiki of kiki and herb, who i write about all […]