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ricketts [glen state park] rankings


kirk and i spent three nights at ricketts glen state park in north central pennsylvania this past weekend through tuesday. what an incredibly awesome place. we’ve been before, but this time we especially enjoyed every minute of the peace and quiet, especially on monday night, when we were the only campers in the park. and […]

for the grammar nerd in you


via daring fireball: Philip B. Corbett, who oversees language issues for the [NY Times] newsroom, is answering readers’ questions this week. this is by far my favorite NY Times article in recent memory. you may think that odd, given that i’m posting about it on a blog that has no capital letters, but it’s true. […]

we have wii, and you can too


i couldn’t stand it any more. i’ve been wanting a wii for months, and my hit-and-miss approach to various nyc stores wasn’t working. and i wasn’t about to pay the ebay premium for a console. so i visited the nintendo store in rockefeller plaza on friday, and asked how to go about getting one. “show […]

kristen hall, not kristin hall


good lord. ever have one of those moments when you wonder just how much more embarrassed you could possibly be? I’m having one of those now. i’ve been blogging (blathering, really) for years about how much i love kristin hall. about how kristin hall is my favorite artist. about how i want “peaches” by kristin […]

new york credit freeze in effect


this doesn’t seem to be getting much press, but the credit freeze for new york state went into effect today (november 1). here’s a .pdf file with more information. years ago, i had my identity stolen. it took me weeks to untangle the mess. and i was lucky, in a sense–many people spend years untangling […]

things that have recently made me cranky


the old guy sitting next to me at “grey gardens” wednesday night made me very cranky. first of all, though he was ancient and practically bald, he still had a ponytail. bad form. when we were going to our seats, before i knew i was sitting next to him, i overheard him complaining about his […]

stealing my subway sub


which, by the way, i didn’t do, but got accused of this morning. i should explain. i’m famous among those who know me for my even temper when dealing with customer service issues. i’m pretty good at getting what i want from customer service people, and the first rule of dealing with them is to […]

small town city


new york is a small town. in fact, it’s probably more of a small town than the small town you live in. because you walk everywhere in new york, there’s more opportunity to get to know people, and see people you know. and because there are few large megastores (although this is slowly changing), a […]

not ready for aarp


i got the invitation in the mail the other day. would i like to join aarp? lots of benefits. it’s not expensive. you really should. they must be kidding. i’m only 42.

the guy with the hard-on at the gym


the title pretty much says it all. now i’m not a prude, although i admit to being pretty wasp-y. and i know it’s a natural function, and shit happens, and whatnot. but really. what’s going on here?

dropping off the taxes


sounds mundane? it’s anything but. actually, dropping off the taxes is one of my favorite things i do in new york all year. confused? I’ll explain.

kristen hall flying solo


kristen hall is leaving sugarland to “concentrate on her songwriting”. kristen hall, for new or casual readers of my blog, is my favorite musical artist ever, bar none, number one. you may never have heard of her before, but i’ve mentioned her here and here and here and here on my site. and you can […]

the spontaneous giggle test


lunch yesterday was one of those quintessential new york experiences, one that i feel extremely lucky to have had. it was lunch in the basement speakeasy wine cellar room of the “21” club, the secret room hidden behind a brick wall accessible only by pushing a thin wire into just the right hole. click on […]

the snap guy


walked down 6th avenue to 45th street to walk over to the schoenfeld theater to get tickets for the upcoming chita rivera one-woman show. i told you sometimes i’m a big queen. but on the way, on 6th avenue, i saw one of my favorite new yorkers. the handbill guy that snaps.

don’t be a tourist


i’m leaving for florida tomorrow to visit my mom. no new blogs until next tuesday. but the trip has got me thinking. actually, the trip, along with the huge woman in tight shorts and a jesus t-shirt who walked in front of me this morning at the corner of broadway and 49th, has got me […]

my last mchale’s burger?


i’m hoping it’s not true, or hoping for a reprieve, or hoping that someone gets some sense, or something. mchale’s, a perfectly wonderful open secret of a bar, is set to close soon, according to the new york times, which by the way will make you pay $3.95 to read about it. but trust me. […]

working well for them


from an ap wire story at capital letters removed. barbara bush, who accompanied the former presidents on a tour of the astrodome complex monday, said the relocation to houston is “working very well” for some of the poor people forced out of new orleans. “what i’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they […]

i killed my cat


well, not literally, like with a butcher knife or a lawnmower. but did i feed my cat to death? i can’t get the idea out of my head, so you be the judge. it’s been a while since i had to put my cat to sleep, and i can just now talk about it all […]

switching to a mac


yes i’m switching to a mac. more in a moment. but first, i saw the movie “the aristocrats” this weekend, and i’m still making up my mind on the ranking, but i’m pretty sure it was the funniest movie i’ve ever seen, and just might be my favorite movie of the year thus far. and […]

jamie floats to top of pool


i really don’t brag too often. i have a lot of reticence when it comes to “tooting my own horn”, so to speak. but today is an exception, because i won the ncaa basketball tournament office pool. and with it, $264 in cold hard cash, baby. whooooooooweeeeee.