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dnr me


dnr. do not resuscitate. i have my living will in place, and so does kirk. and if you don’t, you should have one. it’s more complicated than that if you are gay and in a relationship, though. for instance, kirk and i won’t go to ohio, virginia, or any of the other states that passed […]

the meat tray


i used to be vegetarian. hell, i was even a vegan for, like, five years or something. i protested on behalf of the animals for peta, lived my life as an example, gave away my entire leather shoe collection (including the most awesome collection of customized doc martens and goth boots from london that you […]

justice in america


so, with the recent spate of criminal judgments against rich and famous people, i’ve sensed a pattern and can conclusively say that guilt or innocence in the american justice system comes down to one thing. perception. and if you think about it, there are apparently hard and fast rules to govern your fate in this […]

spurious restaurant review


a new blog? no, i did not fall off the face of the earth. just very busy with holidays and such. actually, that’s a lie. i was slightly busy with holiday stuff, and mostly just lazy.

christmas at radio city


that’s where i was yesterday, instead of blogging like i should have been. well, i guess i could have done both, but i didn’t. i was at radio city music hall to see the radio city christmas show, with the rockettes. with great seats, thanks to the in-laws.

entitlement part two


part two in a continuing series of reporting on entitlement that i encounter. i should not get such vicarious enjoyment out of seeing powerful people who are accustomed to getting their way not getting their way. but i do. this episode: the plane.

the joy of shredding


i’m out of the closet in nearly every aspect of my life, and now, after i tell you this, i’ll be completely out with no secrets left. well, practically none. i love to shred.

inconsequential conversations


quick take: another rant on red state/blue state stuff, this one in the form of a concession speech. familiar territory, but worth reading. and on the subject of familiar territory, for some reason today i started thinking about the comfort of familiar conversations.

childhood unconsciousness


everyone has their backlog of stories. i sure do. i really respect a person who has the confidence to be able to tell a story or two on themselves. a little humility and self-deprecating humor goes a long way with me. so, in that spirit, i’ll occasionally tell a story or two on myself on […]

gentrifying yuppie scumbags


this one goes out to the brave hero on the subway who stopped the homeless man from peeing in a bottle. i’ll get there. it may take a while. i like my neighborhood in new york city. it’s called inwood. for those of you who have a vision of manhattan as nothing but tall buildings […]

first blog


ok. i know i’m following a trend instead of setting one, but i haven’t set a trend for at least fifteen years anyway. so here’s my blog.