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a chorus line, and ted’s, and danny’s


kirk and i saw the new broadway production of a chorus line last night. and we are impressed. kirk had seen the original production, with the original cast. twice. sometimes i just get so jealous of him. anyway, he thought that it compared favorably with the original. i’d never seen it live (only the movie […]

on a stick


a diverse collection of foods on a stick, via kottke. all these foods were available at the minnesota state fair. makes me want to go, i tell ya. i love me some food on a stick. deep fried twinkies? yesterday’s news. but put one on a stick? genius! now if they had funnel cake on […]

new restaurant


it’s kirk’s birthday. happy birthday, baby! we’re going to try a new restaurant: 809 restaurant. it’s a churrascaria in the hood, just a few blocks away on dyckman. yes, that’s the name of a real street. i’ll report back–kirk’s just getting home. update: dinner was fantastic.  it’s not really a churrascaria–more of an upscale dominican […]

fork in philly


kirk and i ate at fork (306 market street) in philadelphia on our recent long weekend getaway. it came recommended highly by philadelphia magazine in their “best 50 restaurants” issue, and a few egullet people liked it as well, so we said what the heck, and tried it. not too happy. for a restaurant that […]

bbq block party pt. 2


we went back yesterday for day two of the bbq block party–we had nearly $90 left on our stored value card so getting more bbq was not a problem. except for my stomach, of course. we had ubon’s bbq from yazoo, mississippi. it was a shredded pork sandwich in large chunks. the end bits were […]

bbq block party 2006


perfect brisket smokios goodness my favorite day of the year is bbq block party weekend. which is, of course two days. i can’t decide if the first day or the second day is my favorite day, so i’ll just call it a draw. the first picture above is the brisket from southside market in elgin, […]

going gluten-free


kirk is. i’m not going gluten-free, except that i kind of am, just by virtue of inhabiting space with him. turns out that, ironically enough for someone who bakes constantly, he is allergic, or whatever, to gluten. the stuff that’s in wheat and oats and i don’t know what all else that holds it all […]

mchale’s closed


mchale’s is gone forever. it had the best burger in new york, i thought. i blogged about it previously, and have raved about it to many, many friends. my work group had set a calendar date for today to go have one last lunch. last time i was there, in mid-december, the waitress told us […]

blue hill goodness


excellent meal last night at blue hill, followed by drinks at danny’s with kirk singing. and, i’m surmising, thanks to the kitchen’s attention to food network’s tyler florence, we got extra courses to make up for the slow start in the kitchen. thanks, tyler.

happy anniversary


just a short note–it’s my sixth anniversary with kirk. we were married on 1/11/00. there’s wedding stuff all over the site but here is a good place to start if you are interested. we’re celebrating in style at one of our favorite restaurants: blue hill. tasting menu. matching wines. can hardly wait. i’m a lucky, […]

food network thanksgiving


kirk and i love to cook, so thanksgiving is just about our favorite holiday. here are the links to some of what’s for dinner at the howard-lawrence or, if you will, lawrence-howard household. green beans with apple cider good eats roast turkey cranberry conserve good old country stuffing apple butter pumpkin pie we’re also having […]

the spontaneous giggle test


lunch yesterday was one of those quintessential new york experiences, one that i feel extremely lucky to have had. it was lunch in the basement speakeasy wine cellar room of the “21” club, the secret room hidden behind a brick wall accessible only by pushing a thin wire into just the right hole. click on […]

no doubt about doubt


yesterday i mentioned, well, more than mentioned. yesterday i exhaustively told you what i was going to be up to that evening. which now was yesterday evening. and today i’ll tell you what i actually did yesterday evening, and what i thought of it. longest most boring lead on blog history, that was. but […]

liquid lunch


how did anyone ever get any work done back in the fifties and sixties? back in the days when everyone had three martinis for lunch? i have no idea. having had a three martini lunch today.

the gayest entree ever


it’s masak nenasphoto courtesy of kelly well, it was delicious. the menu describes it as “your choice of shrimp, chicken, or beef,” (i chose chicken) “with pineapple chunks, bell pepper, mint, and scallions in a spicy curry sauce.” actually, to be completely accurate, the menu should read, “your choice of shrimp, chicken, or beef with […]

my last mchale’s burger?


i’m hoping it’s not true, or hoping for a reprieve, or hoping that someone gets some sense, or something. mchale’s, a perfectly wonderful open secret of a bar, is set to close soon, according to the new york times, which by the way will make you pay $3.95 to read about it. but trust me. […]



sometimes you just gotta have it. most days i eat a very healthy diet. after all, i was a vegetarian for over ten years, and was even completely vegan for about three of those, and even though i’ve given up on that, i still don’t eat much meat. the majority of our meals at home […]

nice long weekend


i have friday off. whoo hooo. so a nice long three-day weekend. that’s the one thing i love about working in new york–summer fridays. for those who aren’t in the loop about this, and i wasn’t in the loop until i got here, lots of new york city businesses give their employees paid half-day early […]

yuppie fool


stayed up too late last night. after midnight, which is late for me. i usually go to bed at 10:00, preceded by falling asleep at 9:00 in front of the tv. anyway, that has nothing to do with anything, except to explain mood: exhausted. we just got back from our local pub, which has smithwick’s […]

hutt of rutt


today i’m going to eat at rutt’s hut, which i saw on a tv show about hot dogs and is, coincidentally, in clifton, nj which is mere miles from my boss’s house, so she is taking me, and her husband and young daughter are going as well. and kirk too. the hot dogs are deep […]