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the best speech you missed: john kerry


whoda thunk i’d be typing that this morning? you figured bill clinton would be spot-on. but kerry hit on mccain hard, very hard, and more effectively, concisely, and entertainingly than anyone else i’ve seen thus far. and his self-deprecating humor was a bonus. from the huffington post article on the subject: Kerry, his party’s pick […]

hillary does the job


to my mind, she did exactly what she needed to do last night. she explained why she was in the race, she hit on the themes that excited her supporters, and she pivoted all that to believably encourage her supporters to support barack obama. it was a great speech, and to my mind laid to […]

the two convention speeches you must watch


the best speeches often happen out of prime time. even though i line up pretty well idealogically with dennis kucinich, i’m too practical to delude myself into thinking that someone like this could ultimately get elected. that’s a sad indictment of my crappy attitude and pessimism, but that’s how i feel. but man what a […]

hillary clinton, veep?


andrew sullivan thinks maybe, and he’s the biggest hillary hater on the planet: Texting the selection of Hillary at 3 am this Saturday morning would be the coolest campaign gimmick of all time. i’d go even further, and say that given we know that obama has made his choice, if we haven’t heard the pick […]

my mac mini media center


since i posted yesterday about my wonderful new over-the-air hdtv antenna, i thought people might be interested in what it’s hooked up to. namely, my recently assembled mac mini media center. first, the relevant equipment: » a Philips 23PF5320 23-Inch Flat Panel Widescreen LCD TV, which i’ve had for a number of years. positives: it’s […]

unsolicited recommendation:


we (well, mostly me, because i’m the cheap one in the family) decided when we moved to riverdale to not get cable tv. we’d turned it off before moving from inwood, and had not missed it. a couple of months ago, we had a brief flirtation with getting basic cable tv channels (just broadcast channels), […]

obama’s veep


my dream person? al gore. oddly enough for me, i think that i’d be happy with hillary clinton as well. i’ve calmed down a bit over the last few weeks, and she’d be a great attack dog, which for me is the best quality a vice-president can have. i like joe biden a lot, so […]

kristen hall sues sugarland


from an associated press article a few days ago: A founder of the country band Sugarland is suing the two current members of the popular group for $1.5 million. According to a lawsuit filed late last month in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, Kristen Hall was to get a cut of the group’s profits even […]

mccain unable to stay on message


even when the message itself is pretty idiotic: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday taunted Republican candidate John McCain for agreeing on the importance of keeping tires inflated as an energy-conservation measure after having joined the GOP in mocking the idea. “It will be interesting to watch this debate between John McCain and John […]

obama talks up high speed rail


amen to this: “If you think about the Midwest, think about right here, what we’ve got is all kind of towns that we could connect,” Obama said. “All of these cities are, they basically take in the air about 45 minutes to an hour to fly.” “But by the time you get to the airport,” […]

wake me up


…when john mccain breaks 44% in a national poll. obama leads mccain 47% to 41% in this recent poll. there have also been some polls that show mccain in the lead. what do they all have in common? obama goes up and down, but i haven’t seen him go lower than 45% in any poll. […]

my quirks


great post over at rands in repose, where he (and many others) list their superstitions/ocd quirks. lots of stuff in the post and in the comments, many of which i do myself. here are a few less obvious ones that i recognized in myself: » volume levels on TV/stereo/etc must be even or divisible by […]

how not to be a douchebag tourist in nyc


via digg, this guide to not pissing off the natives while visiting new york city, if you care about such things. ok, so the title is too provocative, and the author has waaaaay too much attitude. but for the most part, the tips are spot-on. many people don’t care if they piss off the locals. […] not impressed so far


via daring fireball and others, there’s apparently a challenger to google’s search supremacy. i’d love for someone to get traction in this space — google is really difficult to work with. they have that same attitude that aol had years ago: we’re king, and you have to do things our way, and the customer is […]

headline of the day


New McCain Ad Bashes Obama for Not Visiting Troops Using Footage of Obama Visiting Troops. via daily kos. there’s not much this guy can do right, is there? there’s something to be said for voting for someone using the effectiveness and cohesion of their campaign organization as a criteria.

the balcony is closed


via daring fireball, roger ebert says goodbye [to the old] and hello [to the new]. wonderfully written, with a moving comment section.

petraeus for obama’s v.p.


i feel like starting a rumor. or maybe just helping maureen dowd start one. from her column today regarding obama’s overseas trip: The image of John McCain in a golf cart with Bush 41 in Kennebunkport — with Poppy charmingly admitting that they were “a little jealous” of all the Obama odyssey coverage — was […]

vote for obama, who has the best graphics


via ambinder, this is the poster advertising obama’s rally in berlin: is this not an absolute triumph of design? perhaps a little too perfect — it’s a bit scarily close to german and russian propaganda posters, and i’m not sure they want to reinforce the “obama as messiah” message, even if subliminally. i’m sure that […]

your tax dollars at work


via time: brent rinehart is running for reelection as a county commissioner in oklahoma county. that’s in oklahoma. oklahoma city, to be exact. why should you care? you shouldn’t, except that he’s distributing the funniest, most over-the-top campaign literature you can imagine. it’s a comic book he wrote himself. but richie rich or archie it […]

the perfect intersection of my obsessive interests


the obama countdown clock iphone application.