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grey gardens ny times rave review


well, to be honest, ben brantley’s review has a couple of quibbles. one about the length of the first act (i get what he’s saying, but it doesn’t bother me) and one about the actress portraying young little edie in the first act (i disagree; i think her performance is a perfectly understated complement to […]

grey gardens on turner classic movies


the film, and the stars of the broadway production: David and Albert Maysles’ 1975 documentary, “Grey Gardens,” will appear on cable’s Turner Classic Movies (TCM) Oct. 29 in a presentation that includes the stars of the new Broadway musical of the same name. The film portrait of Jackie Bouvier’s aunt and cousin, Edith Bouvier Beale […]

grey gardens: a fresh triumph


the old grey gardens? the best show i saw last year. the new grey gardens? one of the best shows i have ever seen. many people thought (and i did too, on reflection) that the first act needed tightening. they’ve done it with fairly extensive changes, while plumping up everything thematic and dramatic. the second […]

grey gardens tonight


tonight is the night of my return to the splendor of grey gardens. i can hardly wait. i’ve blathered on extensively about this show, and about how much i loved it when i saw it at playwrights horizons last year. and now it’s on broadway. and, instead of hearing myself sing “la da da da […]

odds and ends


finally someone actually gets the importance and quality of the movie “shortbus”. the movie had a $21,000+ average per screen in its first weekend, so i have a feeling that the ride on the shortbus is just beginning. the folks who run the website for grey gardens, the musical were kind enough to link to […]

tickets, i get tickets


new york is a great place to live, because there are nearly no limits to the fun and cool things you can do. new york is a horrible place to live, because there are nearly no limits to the fun and cool things you can do. both are true, of course. i usually resist the […]

grey gardens–best broadway musical of the season


ben brantley, in a ny times roundup of the broadway musicals of this year, has called “grey gardens” the best musical of the season. problem is, “grey gardens” wasn’t a broadway show–it was an off broadway show. as he acknowledges, while making his point about the dearth of good musicals this year. still, he’s right, […]

grey gardens is broadway bound


i wrote about “grey gardens”, the off-broadway musical, earlier this year. loved it. now it’s headed to broadway. if you missed this show on the first round, make sure you get tickets to this production. i will.

grey gardens


kirk and i saw the new musical version of the famous documentary “grey gardens” at playwrights horizons last night. the perfect way to spend the evening after the end of the biggest snowstorm in new york history. and i can’t get it out of my mind. i think the show is fantastic.