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the easy way out


i’m busy at work today and have to leave early for my annual checkup at dr. kamlet’s office, so i’m going to just repost an email i got this morning. and i’m in such a hurry that i’ll even leave the capital letters intact. banner day for it’s a very funny letter written in […]

men dating me


i have two ways to search this site. one is using the greymatter blog search box located at the top right of the main page. it searches the blog only. the other is the “search entire site” page which uses to perform the search. by the way, that’s the only place you’ll see ads […]

at the daily show


last night at the daily show was an absolute blast. if you’ve never gone to a taping of anything (i never had) then you should go if you ever get a chance. it’s a real experience.

i want my m-tv


as in moronic tv. well, not completely moronic. but pretty much. a lot of what is on tv in the summer isn’t very watch-worthy. a lot of baseball games. that’s good. but i have a new favorite show, which will come as no shock to anyone who has read a few of my blogs, as […]

switching to a mac


yes i’m switching to a mac. more in a moment. but first, i saw the movie “the aristocrats” this weekend, and i’m still making up my mind on the ranking, but i’m pretty sure it was the funniest movie i’ve ever seen, and just might be my favorite movie of the year thus far. and […]

wtf is this?


ok, so i’ve been derelict. and don’t expect much the first day back. there’s no special reason i haven’t blogged. just didn’t do it. i tend to get interested in things, get very enthusiastic, and then tire of them. usually permanently.

friday bonus


celebrate easter–kill a peep photo of kirk’s easter pie courtesy of andrew the latest peeps research

who to hu


i’m gonna be lazy and repost this email i got today. after yesterday’s schiavo-thon post, i think i deserve that. remember abbott and costello? of course you don’t. well, probably you don’t. their “who’s on first” routine is classic comedy at its best. here’s the updated version, featuring my favorite president. to bash.

the rap clause


lil’ kim’s conviction caused me to rethink yesterday’s rules, and so, i give to you, the rap clause: file this as a subpoint to the rule of famous. famous rappers are the exception to the fame rule–they are always convicted. why? ain’t it obvious? it’s a racial thing. there may be times, maybe most times, […]

justice in america


so, with the recent spate of criminal judgments against rich and famous people, i’ve sensed a pattern and can conclusively say that guilt or innocence in the american justice system comes down to one thing. perception. and if you think about it, there are apparently hard and fast rules to govern your fate in this […]

the joy of shredding


i’m out of the closet in nearly every aspect of my life, and now, after i tell you this, i’ll be completely out with no secrets left. well, practically none. i love to shred.

the inverness cooter festival


i’m from floral city, florida originally, but that’s just a smaller town than the small town which is the county seat of citrus county–inverness, florida. citrus county (which, ironically, has little to no citrus, at least in a commercial sense) is a sleepy part of northwest central florida. it’s probably most famous for the manatees […]

childhood unconsciousness


everyone has their backlog of stories. i sure do. i really respect a person who has the confidence to be able to tell a story or two on themselves. a little humility and self-deprecating humor goes a long way with me. so, in that spirit, i’ll occasionally tell a story or two on myself on […]

6th grade history, 2090


civil rights by jamie howard civil rights has come a long way since the turn of the century and before the turn of the century. i saw on 3-d where countries used to take rights away from people because they were black or because they were gay or because they were poor. it doesn’t make […]

coffee soda


it’s the best tasting soda in the world. manhattan special espresso coffee soda. of course, it’s also the reason i’m up all night cleaning the house.

vote and win!


remember, you heard it here first. or second. the latest idea to hit the electoral fan is a movement afoot to make voting into a free lottery.

from my political inbox


well i’ve gotten a bit past yesterday’s satirical nihilism. but i have to rant a bit today about high-tech preaching to the converted.