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it’s official


barack obama elected president. and to celebrate, i got job-eliminated. that’s the polite term for laid off. it was a huge layoff at my company, so i had plenty of, well, company. so i’ll be putting president-elect obama’s economy rebuilding skills to a personal test. it should be more traumatic than it is, but in […]

kirk sings “fifty percent” from “ballroom”


Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page] the genesius theatre in reading, pa., where kirk first learned stagecraft, had a benefit at the end of february 2008. it was called “he sang…she sang” — men sang songs usually associated […]

ricketts [glen state park] rankings


kirk and i spent three nights at ricketts glen state park in north central pennsylvania this past weekend through tuesday. what an incredibly awesome place. we’ve been before, but this time we especially enjoyed every minute of the peace and quiet, especially on monday night, when we were the only campers in the park. and […]



» today is anniversary #8 with kirk. you can read all about it. love ya baby. » next tuesday is the stevenote at macworld, which means lots of new apple stuff to potentially spend money on. in case you just stumbled here, i’m a big apple fan. what could get me to blow the dust […]

memories light the corners of my mind


kirk and i had a wonderful evening last night with our mortgage broker from chase, dinika, and her friend luigi. it had been a long day, and i was a bit tired and slightly cranky, but thankfully kirk was sparkling and witty and carried the day for both of us. we met at the black […] up and running


kirk’s had that url — “” — for quite a while, and it has gone through various iterations. the latest, and perhaps the best so far, is a wordpress blog. it’s different from mine, in a good way. there are actual graphics on the page, for one thing. i was jealous of that, for a […]

kirk’s new masai warrior shoes


so kirk got new shoes. this in itself is not exactly news. people buy shoes all the time. what’s news is the shoes he got, which are these extra special shoes that make you walk like a masai warrior. mbt shoes. m=masai, b=barefoot, t=technology. and apparently the masai walk differently, because they walk on soft […]

getting caught up


i’m back at it. camping was fantastic. i’d forgotten how much i liked it. and kirk can build a good fire, so we had all our food cooked on the open wood flame. yum, yum. i didn’t forget to go to kiki and herb this time, and the show was, as always, phenomenal. don’t miss […]

going gluten-free


kirk is. i’m not going gluten-free, except that i kind of am, just by virtue of inhabiting space with him. turns out that, ironically enough for someone who bakes constantly, he is allergic, or whatever, to gluten. the stuff that’s in wheat and oats and i don’t know what all else that holds it all […]

dropping off the taxes


sounds mundane? it’s anything but. actually, dropping off the taxes is one of my favorite things i do in new york all year. confused? I’ll explain.

blue hill goodness


excellent meal last night at blue hill, followed by drinks at danny’s with kirk singing. and, i’m surmising, thanks to the kitchen’s attention to food network’s tyler florence, we got extra courses to make up for the slow start in the kitchen. thanks, tyler.

happy anniversary


just a short note–it’s my sixth anniversary with kirk. we were married on 1/11/00. there’s wedding stuff all over the site but here is a good place to start if you are interested. we’re celebrating in style at one of our favorite restaurants: blue hill. tasting menu. matching wines. can hardly wait. i’m a lucky, […]

what’s this?


a new blog? my goodness. seriously, i feel bad about not updating the site for a while. so i’ll give you the rundown on what i’ve been up to. a.k.a. my feeble attempt at justification for not blogging.

why didn’t you think of that?


or, also, why didn’t i think of that? this guy is trading up for items starting with a red paper clip, with the ultimate goal of trading for a house. he’s already traded up to a snowmobile, and now the story is all over the internets and the media, so you just know this guy […]

hdtv time


kirk and i decided to get a new hdtv for christmas. it’s our present to each other, except for stocking stuffers and such and i think one other present for kirk since he had already gotten me one thing before we decided to get the new hdtv. i’m getting kirk a pony. don’t tell him. […]

food network thanksgiving


kirk and i love to cook, so thanksgiving is just about our favorite holiday. here are the links to some of what’s for dinner at the howard-lawrence or, if you will, lawrence-howard household. green beans with apple cider good eats roast turkey cranberry conserve good old country stuffing apple butter pumpkin pie we’re also having […]

not going to texas


well, add texas to the list which i know includes virginia and ohio. texas yesterday passed their version of a gay marriage ban. its wording prohibits the state from “creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage.” which means that kirk and i, who have legal papers to approximate the legal rights […]

cool things coming


lots of good happenings upcoming for kirk and me. last week was just hectic–every night with something different going on. and i am a bit of a homebody, and i like to go out and do things, but not every single night. i need time to decompress. i like sitting around the house and wasting […]

nice new surroundings


it’s amazing what moving a little furniture will do for your outlook. i’ve always complained that our apartment, which is nice-sized with a huge kitchen by relatively inexpensive one bedroom manhattan apartment standards, nevertheless feels crowded and cluttered. who knew that making the room smaller would solve the problem?

entitlement part two


part two in a continuing series of reporting on entitlement that i encounter. i should not get such vicarious enjoyment out of seeing powerful people who are accustomed to getting their way not getting their way. but i do. this episode: the plane.