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kristen hall sues sugarland


from an associated press article a few days ago: A founder of the country band Sugarland is suing the two current members of the popular group for $1.5 million. According to a lawsuit filed late last month in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, Kristen Hall was to get a cut of the group’s profits even […]

michelle shocked, my other favorite artist


amy, a commenter on one of my kristen hall posts, asked me about some of my other musical favorites. i blab on so much about kristen hall, and kiki and herb, that you might think that’s all i like. but you’d be wrong. although i don’t listen to music nearly as much as i did […]

kristen hall, not kristin hall


good lord. ever have one of those moments when you wonder just how much more embarrassed you could possibly be? I’m having one of those now. i’ve been blogging (blathering, really) for years about how much i love kristin hall. about how kristin hall is my favorite artist. about how i want “peaches” by kristin […]

back to number one


i’m back to the number one position on google for jamie howard, ahead of jamie howard the professional wrestler, and jamie howard the swimming machine, and jamie howard the alderman in davenport iowa, and jamie howard the former ceo of excite, and all the rest. it’s about damn time. enough of this number two and […]

kristen hall flying solo


kristen hall is leaving sugarland to “concentrate on her songwriting”. kristen hall, for new or casual readers of my blog, is my favorite musical artist ever, bar none, number one. you may never have heard of her before, but i’ve mentioned her here and here and here and here on my site. and you can […]

cool things coming


lots of good happenings upcoming for kirk and me. last week was just hectic–every night with something different going on. and i am a bit of a homebody, and i like to go out and do things, but not every single night. i need time to decompress. i like sitting around the house and wasting […]

rasputina. not bad!


i’d been cranky about going to see this band. frankly, yesterday’s post was more an attempt to kick myself in the ass to try to enjoy an evening about which i was, at best, dubious. well, who knew. not only was rasputina not bad, they were very very good. in fact, i’d go so far […]

my obsessive ipod


first off, i’ll not capitalize the “p” in ipod. if steve jobs wants to come after me, let him. my new ipod is playing favorites. first off, well, second off, i now have an ipod. i realize that i am the last new yorker to have an ipod, but i’m now the proud owner of […]

when i die


i made a little joke about this subject this weekend, in conversation. i’ll throw it in somewhere. but, especially on a cold rainy-ish monday, i have to tackle this biggest of subjects sometime. plus, my opinions should be down in black and white, in case someone needs to see it. my will has all the […]