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that obnoxious chevy trucks ad


you’ve probably seen it. the one with the john cougar, i mean mellencamp, song, and the pictures of rosa parks and martin luther king, vietnam and nixon. and 9/11. fucking chevrolet. using imagery of 9/11 to sell a gas-sucking pickup truck. that’s wrong, wrong, wrong, in so many ways. the first time i saw this […]

weekend wishes


the weekend can’t come quickly enough. is that sad? i’m on the third day of a four day work week, because of labor day. and i’ve been spoiled with summer fridays since june. next week is a five day week…i’ll have to mentally buckle down. thank god i have a great job with a good […]

cranky about my crankiness


i have been cranky, to be truthful, for days now. and i’m getting really cranky about it. thankfully, i have friday off. my last summer friday of the year. it’s a wonderful new york tradition. do they have them where you are? all summer (memorial day to labor day) we get a total of seven […]

finding my voice


this is the most disorganized schizo blog on the planet. well, maybe that’s overstating things a bit. i’ve seen a few myspace pages, and they have more than lapped me on the track of incoherence. but most people who do this sort of thing semi-seriously have a theme, and a point of view, and they […]

say it ain’t so, floyd


are you telling me that i can’t even trust a mennonite now? apparently floyd landis, the tour de france winner, has flunked a drug test administered after stage 17. i saw his mother interviewed on tv. she was a charming mennonite woman, full of stories about his childhood in pennsylvania dutch country, and was so […]

wonderful weekend


back to work today, although the weekend was, as the title says, wonderful. there’s a lot of residual happiness carryover, so it’s been a good day at work. children were the theme of the weekend, to some extent. not that we had children. or took some with us. or found some there, and brought them […]

quick followups


earlier i wrote about a guy who thought an onion article on abortion was real, and wrote a scathing blog about it. he’s interviewed on salon. it’s a great read. also, i wrote a couple of days ago about the idiocy of the government’s terrorist target list. turns out that, as a further example of […]

extremely dangerous amish popcorn


apparently we don’t need to worry about protecting assets like “major business and finance operations or critical national telecommunications hubs” from terrorists. we do, however need to protect old macdonald’s petting zoo, the sweetwater flea market, the mule day parade in columbia, tennessee and the amish country popcorn factory. sorry. no link to the amish […]

national (league) disgrace


honestly, i think i’m giving up on watching the all-star game. probably not really. i’m sure i’ll watch next year. but right now, i can’t imagine watching it. it’s an exercise in frustration. if you missed last night’s game, the american league won 3-2. the national league had a 2-1 lead, in the ninth inning, […]

i do not look like anita mui


whoever the hell she is. is a cool-ish new (new to me, anyway) geneaology website that has face-recognition software that, i suppose, is supposed to be useful in tracking down just who the hell that person in the back of that old photo is, or something. but to attract mass amounts of users of […]

i’m not crazy, and the army agrees


in 1973, the american psychiatric association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. thirty-three years later, the army finally agrees. although, as the article says, “the reversal has no impact on U.S. policy prohibiting openly gay people from serving in the military.” things move slowly in the armed forces, i guess. no wonder iraq is such […]

not colorblind


well, i am colorblind in that i do not care about the color of the skin of my fellow man/woman and all that politically correct happiness and light. but i am not colorblind in the physical sense. you can go here and see if you are. i can see all the numbers in the dotty […]

the national priorities project


here’s a page that will get you fired up and cranky for sure. at least it got me fired up and cranky. it’s the national priorities project. there you can, for instance, find out how your tax dollars could be better spent, either nationally or in your area. ever wondered how many cops could get […]

stealing my subway sub


which, by the way, i didn’t do, but got accused of this morning. i should explain. i’m famous among those who know me for my even temper when dealing with customer service issues. i’m pretty good at getting what i want from customer service people, and the first rule of dealing with them is to […]

small town city


new york is a small town. in fact, it’s probably more of a small town than the small town you live in. because you walk everywhere in new york, there’s more opportunity to get to know people, and see people you know. and because there are few large megastores (although this is slowly changing), a […]

american idol? feh.


i’m getting bored with idol. three or four weeks ago, it seemed that this was the best crop of talent ever. i was geniunely looking forward to the weeding out process. but the song selection has sucked, for the most part. and not a single idol has progressed past the point where they started. each […]

translating the anthem, for bush


our fearless leader, president bush, hath decreed that the national anthem should be sung in english. isn’t that a foreign language for him? oh, the irony. i’d hereby like to translate the national anthem for president bush, so he’ll know what it means. because, evidently, he hasn’t a clue about what it means.

bye bye bonds, and others as well


there are several people i want to say goodbye to. i don’t want them in my life anymore, and they are kind of unavoidable. for the most part, anyway. i know i could stop watching certain shows, and whatnot, but i like those shows and i like that whatnot. so i’m not going to change. […]

my mortality


lovely subject, right? but today’s front page has got me thinking. dana reeve dead at 44. kirby puckett dead at 45. i’m 42, by the way. barely. 43 on march 19th, which is 12 days away. wow. wow. wow.

weekend of catch-up


i’m behind on a number of things. and this is the weekend that i get caught up on them. some things important, most things unimportant. but if i commit them publicly to the internets, perhaps they’ll actually get done. so, in no particular order…