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back is back


my back is back. warning: this is going to be a very whiny post. i had back surgery a couple of years ago. and after some recuperation and physical therapy, i didn’t pay much attention to it. i am now.

quick takes


things i found funny at gawker today: this craigslist posting, their obsession with johnny weir, and frank bruni blogs about hooters. gawker is a great site, if a bit new-york-insidey. i completely agree with their assessment of johnny weir, though. if i were gorgeous, famous, rich, single, and twenty years younger, i might just give […]

the guy with the hard-on at the gym


the title pretty much says it all. now i’m not a prude, although i admit to being pretty wasp-y. and i know it’s a natural function, and shit happens, and whatnot. but really. what’s going on here?

move on, move on


i think i may have donated $50 or $20 or something to move on, back in those heady days of presidential election 2004 when all seemed not only possible, but likely. i’m not sure. i’m pretty sure now that if i did, i’m really sorry that i did.

leave it alone


apparently, thanks to intrepid scientists with nothing constructive to otherwise occupy their time, mankind has discovered an area of new guinea that is being described as a “garden of eden”. by the way, i know that the period should go inside the quotes–“garden of eden.” i think that’s silly, and it’s my site. but i […]

supreme surprise


you can’t ever predict what people will do once they get a seat on the supreme court, as i’ve mentioned before. and now, in his first act as a supreme court judge, samuel alito has pissed off the conservatives.

mchale’s closed


mchale’s is gone forever. it had the best burger in new york, i thought. i blogged about it previously, and have raved about it to many, many friends. my work group had set a calendar date for today to go have one last lunch. last time i was there, in mid-december, the waitress told us […]

what’s this?


a new blog? my goodness. seriously, i feel bad about not updating the site for a while. so i’ll give you the rundown on what i’ve been up to. a.k.a. my feeble attempt at justification for not blogging.

my morning commute


my morning commute? not bad at all. i’m lucky, in that where i live is located near suburban rail lines going into manhattan, and those workers aren’t on strike. not everyone is so lucky. i’m less and less on the side of the union, though i’m still on the side of the workers. let me […]

new york still works


if you have money, that is. isn’t that the new york way? well, it shouldn’t be. if you don’t have money, or you need to go to work in an outer borough, you are pretty much out of luck this morning. that’s the big problem i have with this transit strike. it doesn’t hurt people […]

the nathan lane reality bubble


nathan lane talking to katie couric about “brokeback mountain” on the “today” show: “it’s really when [ledger] said, ‘this thing gets hold of us the wrong time, the wrong place, we’re dead.’ i thought, ‘what do you mean, like the a&p? you’re in the middle of nowhere! get a ranch with the guy! stop torturing […]

it had better work


what a night. about 6:30pm yesterday we had firemen come into the building for some unknown reason. in a separate incident at the same time, the paramedics came for someone. and, in a third separate incident at the same time, a pipe burst in the apartment above us, sending water cascading down the living room […]

i’m not polluted


ever wonder how polluted your neighborhood is in relation to other areas of the country? well, you can check it out here. i put in the info for my neighborhood. and guess what?

transit strike apprehension


the new york transit workers may be going on strike tomorrow at midnight. and if they do, my commute to work is going to be much, much more difficult. it’s easy to take the subway for granted, and of course, even easier to take the workers who run the system for granted. and i am, […]

quote of the day


sometimes you don’t need a lot of words. sometimes i just feel like being an epigrammist, or an epigrammatist. take your pick. so here’s my short but pithy quote for the day. apropos of nothing. i thought it up while daydreaming today. “i avoid the middle of the road. that’s where the trucks can hit […]

the boondocks


so i’m still making up my mind about last week’s storyline from “the boondocks”. but i think i’m ok with it. the topic? the new movie “brokeback mountain”.

hdtv hell


well, not quite irate. and not quite hdtv hell. the hdtv is hooked up to the cable box, and i have hdtv, and it looks spectacular, but there are a few caveats. there’s something called hdcp copy protection that your tv has to have enabled in order to hook up the explorer 8300 cable box […]

hdtv time


kirk and i decided to get a new hdtv for christmas. it’s our present to each other, except for stocking stuffers and such and i think one other present for kirk since he had already gotten me one thing before we decided to get the new hdtv. i’m getting kirk a pony. don’t tell him. […]

black clad flashback


bela’s not dead. bela’s alive. or, to put it another way, i’m reliving my gothic youth tonight. bauhaus is playing the nokia theater, and i have tickets. it’s a real kick in the eye. har har har.

radio city blues


actually not blues. actually very very irritated. pissed off. actually first a quick mention of souvenir, the new play about florence foster jenkins. it’s the funniest, most-touching, and best-written piece i’ve seen in ages. do yourself a favor and see it immediately if not sooner. and now, on to my complete disgust about the radio […]