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big apple bbq block party roundup


yet another return to the big apple bbq block party held each year in madison square park, although a little birdie told me it may not be located there next year. we again had a bubba pass — a stored value card that lets you skip the long lines and go “behind the scenes” and […]

closing delayed again


at this rate, i’ll be retired when i finally move in. seriously, the latest word is probably early next week, with an outside shot at late this week. aaaaaargh.

puppet 1, kiki and herb 0


aaaaargh. my worst fears have come true. the puppet that replaced kiki and herb at the helen hayes theater won the tony. words cannot express my fury, and my sadness. on the positive side, justin bond looked stunning, classy, and totally beautiful on tv last night. for the two seconds we saw him. simple and […]

lunch today at the olive garden


i shouldn’t admit this, as (i say sarcastically) i’m supposed to be a sophisticated new yorker with an impeccable palate, who has dined in some of the world’s best restaurants both here and in europe. and i live in a city with perhaps more outstanding restaurants per capita than anywhere else on earth. and some […]

pins and needles


that’s what i’m on, waiting for the closing date for our apartment. kirk and i, if you haven’t heard, are buying a coop in riverdale, in the bronx, in new york city. we’ll be homo-wners. sorry — old, bad, joke. i’ve done everything i can do, which is the big problem. when there’s something i […]

my new york moment with lou dobbs


one of those wacky, random things that happen, as they say, only in new york, kids. kirk and i went to a free screening of “whatever happened to baby jane” last night. the turner out employees group had the event in the screening room in the new time warner center. we had a great time, […]

kiki and herb get a tony nomination


good lord, it happened. kiki and herb were nominated for a tony. i’ve written a lot about kiki and herb. kiki is portrayed by justin bond, of shortbus fame. their homepage is a good place to start if you don’t know much about them. congratulations to our miss du rane. we saw her last sunday […]

mainstream media versus giuliani: the hit is on?


there’s a whole spate of negative stories about rudy giuliani in the press today. there’s this one in the ny times: Ground Zero Illnesses Clouding Giuliani’s Legacy there’s this ap wire story: Giuliani’s clients could pose conflict there’s this reuters wire story: New Yorkers back Bloomberg over Giuliani in poll not that i care, because […]

fun weekend with houseguests


our friend dayna is coming to stay with us, along with her friend jennifer as well. we know dayna from richmond–we met them when kirk was doing hedwig at a local theater. at the time, they had a goth clothing shop, and they did some co-promotions with the show. dayna now does stunning makeup and […]

unexpected theatrical pleasures


there was the play i was dying to see. and the play that, frankly, i was dreading seeing. we saw “deuce on friday night, and had plans to see “our town” on saturday night. yes, that old warhorse. staple of dinner theater and high school gyms everywhere. we had a friend playing the stage manager, […]

angela lansbury in “deuce” tonight


that’s what i’m doing, along with eating at i trulli. it’s been a number of years since angela lansbury was on broadway. 1983 to be exact–a revival of “mame”. before that, you are in the ’70s with “sweeney todd”. so as soon as i saw “deuce” go on sale, i jumped all over it. it’s […]

we have a contract


the seller of the coop we are trying to buy returned the signed contract. we have a verbal commitment to a mortgage with the letter forthcoming. next stop, the coop board. fingers crossed. if this all works out as planned, we could be in our own apartment [that we actually own] by early fall.

wal-mart gives up on manhattan


from the ny times this morning: wal-mart has given up efforts to locate a store in manhattan it’s a free country and they are free to try to build in manhattan if they can. and it’s a free country and manhattanites can do everything in their power to stop them. and i’m glad they did. […]

everything’s coming to a grinding halt


bonus points to me for the lyrical reference to the cure. the mood i’m in, be glad i didn’t quote “sinking”. we made such good headway with buying the coop apartment. we found a place we liked. we made an offer and it was accepted. stop. full stop. we’ve been waiting for a week and […]

me, a homo-wner?


should, of course, be homeowner. but i wanted to drive the lame joke to its breaking point. yes, kirk and i are thinking about buying a coop. seriously thinking, to the point of realigning our finances to put things in motion, and looking at places. now, let’s get this straight. i didn’t suddenly win the […]

jello biafra at the knitting factory


my god, what a show. i’ve seen some amazing spoken word performances in my life. henry rollins. utah phillips. hunter s. thompson. jim carroll. nothing compares to jello biafra, i have to say. although all those other guys come close, in their own way, jello edges into the lead due to sheer stamina. onstage at […]

what i wanted to do


coming to work this morning, i made the usual trek from subway to building. it’s all underground, and the entrance to my building is a revolving door in the lower level concourse of rockefeller center. i’m assuming you know how a revolving door works. you push, and walk forward, and the door spins. unless, of […]

justin bond and the monks


sunday and monday, i attended back to back theatrical events that showcased the variety of opportunities for fun in new york city. on monday night, i was at joe’s pub for the inaugural talk show with justin bond. justin bond is the performer who portrays kiki of kiki and herb, who i write about all […]

we have wii, and you can too


i couldn’t stand it any more. i’ve been wanting a wii for months, and my hit-and-miss approach to various nyc stores wasn’t working. and i wasn’t about to pay the ebay premium for a console. so i visited the nintendo store in rockefeller plaza on friday, and asked how to go about getting one. “show […]

dreamgirls tickets obtained


i went early to pick up my $25 dreamgirls tickets. i thought maybe if i picked them up early i’d get better seats. swiped my credit card, the tickets print out. row lll (that’s three l, the letter that comes after k) seats 17 and 19. i ask the usher where the seats are. she […]