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my unsolicited recommendations

unsolicited recommendation:


we (well, mostly me, because i’m the cheap one in the family) decided when we moved to riverdale to not get cable tv. we’d turned it off before moving from inwood, and had not missed it. a couple of months ago, we had a brief flirtation with getting basic cable tv channels (just broadcast channels), […]



more often than not (especially as i get older) my criteria for going to an actual movie theater to see a movie is: “is it something i must see on the big screen?” “trumbo” the movie opened this past weekend. i saw the play several times, starting from workshop performances. kirk’s former boss at the […]



» versions of “gypsy” i have seen/heard prior to last night: — the rosalind russell movie version — the bette midler tv version — the bernadette peters broadway version — the ethel merman broadway cast recording — the genesius theatre version in kirk’s boyhood home of reading, pa kirk could add: — the tyne daly […]

unsolicited recommendation: salvatores of soho


had dinner at salvatores of soho on friday night. the name’s a bit misleading — the restaurant isn’t in soho. it’s in riverdale. maybe salvatore is from soho, and he came to riverdale to open a restaurant. not sure. anyway. they have excellent basic red-sauce italian food. great pizza. a well-planned menu with lots of […]

unsolicited recommendation: orsay on 75th & lex


had dinner last night at orsay, in new york city on 75th st. and lexington avenue. i’m usually not one to venture onto the upper east side of manhattan. the transportation is awkward if you live on the west side, which we do. the extreme upper west side. but last night, kirk chose this restaurant […]

unsolicited recommendation: schwinn 431 elliptical trainer


kirk and i have been paying way too much money for bally gym memberships for years and years. when we go, which is sporadically at best, the only machine we really use is the elliptical cross trainer. sometimes some weight machines, but generally just the cross trainer. we have to go to the gym in […]

unsolicited recommendation:


for years, kirk and i just left our liquor bottles in a disorganized clump on the floor. with our holiday party coming up, we thought it might be nice to have a small liquor cabinet to put the bottles in, something that had a top that could double as a small dry bar. so kirk […]

unsolicited recommendation:


via kottke, the “secret site” for the upcoming new movie “wall-e” from pixar. i generally hate it when companies do crap like trying to make me “discover” their site to accomplish their guerilla/word-of-mouth marketing campaign objectives, but this site is exceedingly well done and a riot to click through. it interests me that the movie […]

unsolicited aerogrow recommendation, part two


i’ve previously sung the praises of aerogrow, an exceedingly well-run company. and now i have to again. we bought a second aerogrow. it’s a hydroponic growing system — perfect for a new york apartment. we’re using one to grow tomatoes, and a second one to grow various types of basil. the tomato-laden aerogrow was working […]

benjamin moore aura paint: an unsolicited recommendation


i thought kirk had lost his mind when he said we should buy this special paint from benjamin moore. i went along with getting our friend deana, the color specialist, up to the apartment to choose paint colors. up until this point i had been an enthusiastic advocate of ceiling, trim, and walls all in […]

unsolicited aerogrow recommendation


rarely am i impressed enough with a company and a product to give a shout-out. i’m pretty anti-commercial, in spite of my employment in the marketing department of a fortune 500 media mega-conglomerate. so it goes, as our lost friend kurt vonnegut would say. but i am so impressed with the aerogrow that i’m going […]