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» versions of “gypsy” i have seen/heard prior to last night: — the rosalind russell movie version — the bette midler tv version — the bernadette peters broadway version — the ethel merman broadway cast recording — the genesius theatre version in kirk’s boyhood home of reading, pa kirk could add: — the tyne daly […]

goodbye florent


great photo essay in the times about florent, the groundbreaking restaurant in the meatpacking district, narrated by the man himself. it’s going away, like mchales, cbgb’s, le madeleine, and any other of the long list of victims of gentrification and skyrocketing rents. much of what makes the city “new york” are these individual places, and […]

unsolicited recommendation: salvatores of soho


had dinner at salvatores of soho on friday night. the name’s a bit misleading — the restaurant isn’t in soho. it’s in riverdale. maybe salvatore is from soho, and he came to riverdale to open a restaurant. not sure. anyway. they have excellent basic red-sauce italian food. great pizza. a well-planned menu with lots of […]

unsolicited recommendation: orsay on 75th & lex


had dinner last night at orsay, in new york city on 75th st. and lexington avenue. i’m usually not one to venture onto the upper east side of manhattan. the transportation is awkward if you live on the west side, which we do. the extreme upper west side. but last night, kirk chose this restaurant […]

riverdale garden: outstanding cuisine in the bronx


Here’s a reprint of a post I put up on We gave the Riverdale Garden a test run a couple of weeks ago. We were very happy with the service, atmosphere, and food on the regular menu, so we returned last night to celebrate my partner’s birthday with a 15-course meal with wine pairings […]

things i’m hoping for today


» i hope someone else besides me comes to work today. there’s absolutely no one else on my entire row of cubicles. » i hope that that hysterical tourist who got off the 1 train at 50th street with her husband and left her kid on the train gets her kid back safe. i hope […]

big apple bbq block party roundup


yet another return to the big apple bbq block party held each year in madison square park, although a little birdie told me it may not be located there next year. we again had a bubba pass — a stored value card that lets you skip the long lines and go “behind the scenes” and […]

mcguire’s forced to remove “joke” bathroom signs


this has to be the dumbest damn thing i’ve seen in a while. there’s a great irish pub in pensacola, florida. used to go there all the time, back in the day. they have live music, usually some folky guy with a guitar with whom you can sing “the unicorn song” or whatever. they have […]

fun weekend with houseguests


our friend dayna is coming to stay with us, along with her friend jennifer as well. we know dayna from richmond–we met them when kirk was doing hedwig at a local theater. at the time, they had a goth clothing shop, and they did some co-promotions with the show. dayna now does stunning makeup and […]

angela lansbury in “deuce” tonight


that’s what i’m doing, along with eating at i trulli. it’s been a number of years since angela lansbury was on broadway. 1983 to be exact–a revival of “mame”. before that, you are in the ’70s with “sweeney todd”. so as soon as i saw “deuce” go on sale, i jumped all over it. it’s […]

jello biafra at the knitting factory


my god, what a show. i’ve seen some amazing spoken word performances in my life. henry rollins. utah phillips. hunter s. thompson. jim carroll. nothing compares to jello biafra, i have to say. although all those other guys come close, in their own way, jello edges into the lead due to sheer stamina. onstage at […]

la casserole–18th arrondisement, paris


this is the restaturant where kirk and i sang, ate, drank, socialized, and had an enormously good time until 5am. here are the pictures: « click on thumbnails to view pictures » “cerf”, a.k.a.rudolph huge filetof beef liquidrefreshment la casserolefood fest birthdaycake birthdaycake la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest […]