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Category Archives: site news not impressed so far


via daring fireball and others, there’s apparently a challenger to google’s search supremacy. i’d love for someone to get traction in this space — google is really difficult to work with. they have that same attitude that aol had years ago: we’re king, and you have to do things our way, and the customer is […]

very cool new wordpress plugin


well, new to me. it’s wp fancyzoom. it makes the thumbnails of all the pictures on the site zoom out in a fancy new way, much like the name implies. try it out: our firstpicture very very cool. most of the pages listed to the right have pictures, and they all work this way now. […]

updated wordpress theme


just installed the 4.0 version of scott wallick’s plaintxtblog theme, which in layman’s terms is the file that makes this blog looks like it does. the change should be invisible to you, but the underlying functionality is better for me. i tweak it a bit to make it my own: » i edit the styles.css […]

briefly noted


» the last piece of the kitchen renovation puzzle is almost in place. the final cabinet (the one that replaced the microwave cart) has been assembled, and rafael our super cut the countertop to size. he did an incredible job — you can’t tell which is the uncut side and which is the trimmed side. […]

checking out my google stats


i use google analytics to get aggregated info about the people who come to my site. aggregated means that i’m not gathering personal info about you, just to clarify. i could care less about you, really. it’s just an interesting snapshot of where site visitors come from, how long they spend when they get here, […]

weird firefox smiley at bottom of my page


here’s what the bottom left corner of my site’s pages looks like in firefox on the mac: here’s what it looks like using every other browser: what’s up with that smiley thing? is it a part of the creative commons image that only shows on that specific browser? it’s not on the bottom of any […] up and running


kirk’s had that url — “” — for quite a while, and it has gone through various iterations. the latest, and perhaps the best so far, is a wordpress blog. it’s different from mine, in a good way. there are actual graphics on the page, for one thing. i was jealous of that, for a […]

notes regarding the site


first, and most obvious, is the site design. i’m a great fan of scott wallick‘s design philosophy and his wordpress themes that arise from it. i used a modified version of barthelme since i moved the site to wordpress from greymatter, but i thought it was time for a change. enter plaintxtblog, another scott wallick […]

hello, nairobi


i recently started using google analytics to see what i could find out about how my site is used. to start with, let me assure you that there’s no personal info collected or recorded. it’s all just aggregated info, like how many people came from google, and yahoo, and msn, and who uses internet explorer […]

odds and ends


finally someone actually gets the importance and quality of the movie “shortbus”. the movie had a $21,000+ average per screen in its first weekend, so i have a feeling that the ride on the shortbus is just beginning. the folks who run the website for grey gardens, the musical were kind enough to link to […]

further site updates


i know…the site updates are the most boring posts ever. but i’m going to post them anyway, so put up with me. it’s a long holiday weekend and hurricane ernesto is plowing through, so i’m trapped inside the apartment and should have time to write something trenchant at some point. i’ve categorized all of the […]

pulling the trigger


as you can see, if you visit often, i went ahead and switched to wordpress from greymatter. hence the new look…let me know what you think. it’s obviously a work in progress, and there’s still a lot of content at the old site that i need to move over. there’s a lot of content, though, […]

hedging my bets


i’ve loved greymatter (the blog software that i use to create the pages on this site) for quite some time. and i’ve extolled its virtues, and been a cheerleader, and stuck by it. but i’m also a tinkerer, and i’m also a bit paranoid. the main developers of greymatter have abandoned the project, and i’m […]

site revisions and greymatter news


i spent a good chunk of time in the past couple of days doing some long overdue site maintenance. a lot of it was behind the scenes–adding google analytics tracking info so i can see how the site is used, finally revising some last remaining odd pages to give them valid xhtml, and tweaking the […]

finding my voice


this is the most disorganized schizo blog on the planet. well, maybe that’s overstating things a bit. i’ve seen a few myspace pages, and they have more than lapped me on the track of incoherence. but most people who do this sort of thing semi-seriously have a theme, and a point of view, and they […]

extensive site changes


i just finished a massive set of changes to the site’s appearance. much better, huh? what, you don’t notice the changes? wondering what they are? well, maybe that’s because after implementing them, i decided i didn’t like them and changed things back to the way they were previously. so, unless you happened to visit in […]

not going to find it here


this site is registered at, so i can get lots of info about my site there. one of the most interesting pages is a list of the top search queries for my site, and where my site ranks in that query. when i need a laugh, i go look at the list. it amazes […]

text-transform: lowercase


i learn something every day. today i learned a new css property. css, for the uninitiated, is a way to control the way your site looks. you put all of your styles into a file, and then each page refers to that file. and so if you want to change the look of your site, […]

semi-useless tag cloud added


anyway, if you ask me they are semi-useless. it’s my new tag cloud. it’s in my sidebar, off to the right over there, right under my rss feed links. the tag cloud is a constantly updated alphabetical list of words and topics that appear frequently in my blog titles via my rss feed. and the […]

back to number one


i’m back to the number one position on google for jamie howard, ahead of jamie howard the professional wrestler, and jamie howard the swimming machine, and jamie howard the alderman in davenport iowa, and jamie howard the former ceo of excite, and all the rest. it’s about damn time. enough of this number two and […]