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coincidence or message?


i haven’t blogged in over a week. over that period of time, the hits to my site have skyrocketed and the number of people subscribing to my rss feed have nearly doubled. i think there’s a message being sent.

site revision


so i decided to change the look of the site a bit, as you can see. it’s all very web 2.0-ish, i admit. but those are some design principles i can agree with. i’m proud that my site has always been clean, direct, and fast-loading. now it’s even more so. with bigger fonts too.

updated widget


thanks to stuart at 36 degrees design, who actually did all the work and allowed me and everyone else to use it, i now have an updated widget. and apple has updated their page with the new version, as has maybe if i have some time today, i’ll go off and find new corners […]

i’m number two


probably not going to be much activity here for the next few days, what with the holidays and all. in the meantime, if you google jamie howard, i am no longer number one. i am number two, behind some swimming machine (with apologies to kurt vonnegut). here is the number one jamie howard. now if, […]

men dating me


i have two ways to search this site. one is using the greymatter blog search box located at the top right of the main page. it searches the blog only. the other is the “search entire site” page which uses to perform the search. by the way, that’s the only place you’ll see ads […]

dubious achievement


i guess it was the widget. or maybe redoing the html and taking away the frames. but i’m now the number one jamie howard in google. both without quotes around my name and with quotes around my name. just a week ago i was number eight without quotes, and three pages back with quotes around […]

i have a widget!


if you have a mac, with the tiger os, then you have dashboard which has all of the cool widgets with which you can access info. and now, you can keep up to date with this site by downloading the widget for here’s the faq for the widget:

number eight


i’m happy, i think. i spent time during the last few days redoing the code for my site, to get rid of the frame-based navigation that was cutting edge in 1998, but now not so much. i especially thought that search engines would be able to find my site better, because with the new system […]

under construction


first, a quick note: i’m glad i don’t live in new orleans, and i’m also glad i’ve been there, because it surely and sadly will never be the same. definitely keep those people in your thoughts–i am. the hurricane was so much worse there than the ones i went through in florida, mainly because i […]

quick takes


number something in a series of some as yet determined number, where i talk briefly about a lot of things, rather than in-depth about one thing. like i never digress in any of my blogs. anyway, here they are.

php conversion


i converted my greymatter blog to php. i have no idea what that means, or what effect it has, or how things are different. or why i even did it in the first place, except that i had a few spare moments at work and gave it a try. but i did, and now my […]

cheap ploy for attention


i like the site–it’s a nice compendium of nyc stuff, even if the “royal we” point of view (“gothamist is tired of all this crap, etc.”) gets annoying. today they had a story on charlie and the chocolate factory that was basically a rant about how people can’t behave in the movies anymore. and […]

wtf is this?


ok, so i’ve been derelict. and don’t expect much the first day back. there’s no special reason i haven’t blogged. just didn’t do it. i tend to get interested in things, get very enthusiastic, and then tire of them. usually permanently.

new software version


i just upgraded the software used to run this site (greymatter) to the latest release. please leave comments if you see any errors, but so far it looks pretty airtight. and for the techy geeks in the house–trackback crap and extra geegaws nothwithstanding, greymatter is still my favorite blogging software. email me and debate me […]

derelict in my duty


boy, have i been. i know it. it’s not that i don’t want to blog. it’s just that i don’t want to.

jamiehoward dot com


well, after long last, i am master of my domain. name. not in the seinfeld sense. i’ve never been master of my domain in that sense for longer than a day or two. i mean that i’m now the proud owner of jamiehoward dot com. typed out that way to hopefully fool the spammers.

first blog


ok. i know i’m following a trend instead of setting one, but i haven’t set a trend for at least fifteen years anyway. so here’s my blog.