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obama talks up high speed rail


amen to this: “If you think about the Midwest, think about right here, what we’ve got is all kind of towns that we could connect,” Obama said. “All of these cities are, they basically take in the air about 45 minutes to an hour to fly.” “But by the time you get to the airport,” […]

how not to be a douchebag tourist in nyc


via digg, this guide to not pissing off the natives while visiting new york city, if you care about such things. ok, so the title is too provocative, and the author has waaaaay too much attitude. but for the most part, the tips are spot-on. many people don’t care if they piss off the locals. […]



» versions of “gypsy” i have seen/heard prior to last night: — the rosalind russell movie version — the bette midler tv version — the bernadette peters broadway version — the ethel merman broadway cast recording — the genesius theatre version in kirk’s boyhood home of reading, pa kirk could add: — the tyne daly […]

ricketts [glen state park] rankings


kirk and i spent three nights at ricketts glen state park in north central pennsylvania this past weekend through tuesday. what an incredibly awesome place. we’ve been before, but this time we especially enjoyed every minute of the peace and quiet, especially on monday night, when we were the only campers in the park. and […]

getting caught up


with the holidays upon us, it’s been a while since i posted. here’s what’s been going on: » we had a holiday/housewarming party. tremendous fun, attended by ~30 of our friends at one point or another. we had it on saturday 12/1 from 5pm until ???. the ??? turned out to be about 1:30am. old […]

not going to dubai


i’ve never thought much about going to dubai. it seems to me like las vegas in the desert, except that it costs much more to go there, and you can’t gamble. there’s shopping, but if i want to go high-end shopping, which i don’t, i have a whole nyc full of exclusive shops. there’s, i […]

food on the florida trip


kirk’s been doing a great job with the florida vacation recap, with more to come, so as promised i’m kicking in with a bit of a food overview. dinner on landing was at a branch of the orlando ale house. big cheap beer and big cheap food — kirk had an extremely brown fried seafood […]

sioux city sux, not gay


from my yahoo! home page this morning: City leaders have scrapped plans to do away with the Sioux Gateway Airport’s unflattering three-letter identifier — SUX — and instead have made it the centerpiece of the airport’s new marketing campaign. The code, used by pilots and airports worldwide and printed on tickets and luggage tags, will […]

The Pedal-to-the-Metal, Totally Illegal, Cross-Country Sprint for Glory


via daring fireball, a wired story about one man’s quest to beat the decades-old cannonball run cross country driving record. from the article: For nearly two years, Roy — a pale, shaved-headed, independently wealthy ectomorphic veteran of the Gumball 3000 road rally — has obsessed sleeplessly over every detail and thrown money at every possible […]

schneier interviews the head of the tsa


bruce schneier’s blog on security issues is one of my consistent favorites on the web. i love people who can take a subject about which i know little and care even less, and make it fascinating. schneier is one of those people (and rands is another). anyway, schneier recently interviewed kip hawley, the head of […]

the meat tray, part 2


nearly two years ago i wrote about my joy in receiving an enormous tray of meat as a prize in a raffle. kirk and i were in reading, pennsylvania visiting his parents, and returned to the scene of the crime. the local fire company has an occasional sunday breakfast as a fundraiser. it features salted […]

la casserole–18th arrondisement, paris


this is the restaturant where kirk and i sang, ate, drank, socialized, and had an enormously good time until 5am. here are the pictures: « click on thumbnails to view pictures » “cerf”, a.k.a.rudolph huge filetof beef liquidrefreshment la casserolefood fest birthdaycake birthdaycake la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest la casserolefood fest […]

i’m still here


i know, it’s been a while. it’s been quite a month. first, my group of five people at my place of employment was cut to two. just my boss and me. so, as you can imagine, i’ve been quite busy at work, which spills over into quite busy at home. you get the picture. and […]

off to the woods


this is camping weekend, at french creek state park in pennsylvania. although i’m sick as a dog, i’m looking forward to sleeping in a tent, in the cold and possibly the rain. for some odd reason. being outside feels better than being inside, and this weekend, there’ll be lots of outside. a few miles of […]

protecting valuables in checked luggage


gotta link to this–it’s a great example of playing by the rules, and thus gaming the system to your advantage. put a firearm in with your valuables, and declare the firearm. it doesn’t have to be a real firearm–a starter’s pistol will do. the article refers to expensive camera equipment, but it seems to me […]

not exactly the mile high club


chilling story about two affectionate men on an airplane, who are confronted by a homophobic flight attendant. evidently she took exception to their “behavior”, and when deservedly challenged by the pair, escalated the episode to terrorist-level to cover her ass, complete with a pilot’s threat to divert the flight. one man had rested his head […]

fork in philly


kirk and i ate at fork (306 market street) in philadelphia on our recent long weekend getaway. it came recommended highly by philadelphia magazine in their “best 50 restaurants” issue, and a few egullet people liked it as well, so we said what the heck, and tried it. not too happy. for a restaurant that […]

wonderful weekend


back to work today, although the weekend was, as the title says, wonderful. there’s a lot of residual happiness carryover, so it’s been a good day at work. children were the theme of the weekend, to some extent. not that we had children. or took some with us. or found some there, and brought them […]

magical mystery trip


we’re not taking a big vacation this year. just two small ones. and the first one starts today. in about an hour, actually. we’re going to philly for a long weekend. actually there’s an intermediate stop along the way, today, and then philly for saturday night. we have phillies tickets on saturday afternoon, and then […]

the meat tray


i used to be vegetarian. hell, i was even a vegan for, like, five years or something. i protested on behalf of the animals for peta, lived my life as an example, gave away my entire leather shoe collection (including the most awesome collection of customized doc martens and goth boots from london that you […]