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site updates

12.27.07   added the post with the catalog of changes to the basic wordpress and theme config
12.27.07   updated to the new 4.0 version of scott wallick’s plaintxtblog wordpress theme
06.03.07   added the wordpress plugins page
06.01.07   added search for pages in addition to posts
06.01.07   fixed appearance of old site pages
06.01.07   added “add this” bookmarking
05.31.07   rss feed chicklets installed in sidebar
05.19.07   seo optimization of titles
05.19.07   added sphere’s related content
05.19.07   upgraded to wordpress 2.2
09.21.06   added “sites i like” to sidebar
09.21.06   fixed problem with loading popup images
09.20.06   added comments to pages other than blog entries
09.14.06   completed revamped look by tweaking my wordpress theme’s css
09.08.06   site completely moved from greymatter to wordpress
08.25.06   widget certified as universal by apple
08.22.06   updated the jamie asks jeeves pages to valid xhtml
08.21.06   consolidated pages, revamped organization of navigation bar, tweaked css
07.15.06   added our hedwig “origin of love” tattoos to the tattoos page
07.13.06   changed default font to georgia, per the current trend on the internets
07.08.06   added the blogroll to the sidebar
07.06.06   added the tag cloud to the sidebar
06.15.06   removed spam-laden forums that no one visited except the spammers
05.09.06   fixed blog archive entries so that format matches main index
04.26.06   added rss feed links and site search capability to sidebar
02.21.06   brought back revamped sidebar
02.03.06   jettisoned sidebar; increased font size; added dashed underline links
09.23.05   font size displays equally for pc and mac; link and body text colors changed
09.08.05   frames replaced with div tags and new css throughout site
03.31.05   added page for my amazon wish list
03.26.05   upgraded to greymatter 1.3.1
03.24.05   disabled the ability to add new entries to the guestbook
01.17.05   added a page of directions on how to syndicate this site via rss
01.17.05   thanks to raiding by the spammers, disabled html in blog comments
01.16.05   added jamiehoward dot com as a referring url to this site
11.12.04   again with the blog appearance tweaking
10.28.04   tweaked the appearance of the daily blogs
10.26.04   made my blog my home page
09.15.04   officially became the last site on the internet to get rid of the site’s splash page
09.13.04   added jamie’s blog page
09.17.04   all site html validated by the markup validation service at
09.16.04   even more various small design tweaks
09.15.04   more various small design tweaks
09.14.04   various small design tweaks
08.26.04   new artwork on the front page
08.20.04   added new functions to the search page
08.20.04   new look, new colors, new slogan
05.16.04   added page for kirk performing as hedwig at the wedding of our friends shannon and matt
04.23.04   added new reviews on dining forum
02.20.04   updated 2003 richmond pictures of fieldens with more pictures from brett
02.18.04   added page outlining all the special rights that kirk and i don’t have
02.13.04   updated 2003 richmond pictures of the bottom line on the kirk in richmond page
02.12.04   removed famous jamies page pending updates
02.10.04   pointed webrings redirect link to the main page
02.05.04   added invision forum for dining reviews
02.05.04   added custom 404 page not found error page
02.04.04   moved hosting service to invision
01.01.04   added old picture of caitlin and me (with long hair) to the pictures of jamie page
11.23.03   added links to 2003 richmond pictures on the kirk in richmond page
10.26.03   added a page for kirk doing benefits for a richmond, virginia food bank
09.21.03   removed queerspace survey using cgi reply form
09.21.03   changed cgi reply forms to simple email links
09.14.03   changed size of banner so it will not be seen as a banner ad
08.12.03   added wacky left/right mirror image pictures to the pictures of jamie page
07.20.03   updated the poohsticks results page
06.22.03   fixed javascript on popup picture windows so pictures sequentially size correctly
06.21.03   added the wedding rings page along with links on related pages
06.21.03   made all links going offsite open in new window
06.10.03   encoded email address to fool spammers
04.21.03   deleted the my yamaha vino page from the navigation bar–i sold it(
02.16.03   added a page about my picture with ed kranepool published on the official mets website
01.07.03   clarified directions for emailing screen shots on the site’s splash page
01.07.03   fixed small but annoying coding problem on the site’s front page
10.23.02   added a very cool clock
10.20.02   updated kirk’s hedwig review links on the kirk as hedwig page
10.20.02   cosmetic updates to thumbnails on the hubba hubbie page and on the jamie’s pix page
10.15.02   updated kirk’s info on the hubba hubbie page
10.15.02   added pictures from the women’s shakespeare prom benefit to the hubba hubbie page
09.22.02   added four more staunton pictures to the kirk as hedwig page
09.08.02   revamped the kirk as hedwig page and added pictures from staunton, va.
08.06.02   added link to kirk as hedwig in staunton, va on the kirk as hedwig page
07.13.02   added link on the site’s front page to the cool new bash in my guestbook
07.06.02   updated links on the real audio presets page
04.19.02   added new link to the homepage of jamie howard, an english impressionist
04.02.02   added new link to the trixie delicious homepage
02.21.02   added new picture of our lovely female cats on the jamie’s pix page
01.20.02   added link on table 9 page to hot wanda’s hedwig site
12.28.01   revamped appearance of site search page from
12.26.01   revised and updated the famous jamies page
12.26.01   moved content on old hedwig page to kirk’s hedwig page
12.26.01   changed to winter color scheme
12.26.01   localized all richmond content onto my server on kirk’s hedwig page
12.12.01   put kirk’s richmond hedwig info on a separate page
10.15.01   added cheesily great foo fighters midi file to jamie’s sounds page
10.08.01   added hedwig promo piece designed by kirk to the site
10.07.01   pictures of kirk as hedwig in richmond on the site
09.25.01   added the shockwave scooter simulator game go go vino!
09.22.01   a great night with liza minelli at shea stadium
09.16.01   added a page all about my yamaha vino
07.15.01   removed the mailing list page after microsoft shut the service down (thanks, bill…)
07.01.01   added new game to the poohsticks page
05.11.01   added link to this updates page from the home page
05.11.01   added very cute q to address bar
05.07.01   added new game to the poohsticks page
04.22.01   added print screen submission request to the splash page
04.22.01   added site updates link to the splash page
04.22.01   added new game to the poohsticks page
04.20.01   added the anniversary pictures page
04.20.01   added kewl new site search page from
04.19.01   new banner with new font creampuff by nick curtis
04.19.01   changed color scheme of site
04.19.01   removed site search page pending reconfiguration
04.16.01   added my own personal end of the net page
04.15.01   removed artwork from nav frame to free up space
04.14.01   deleted the counter–if you care, i get about 40-50 visitors per day
04.13.01   added the ends of the net summary page
04.09.01   updated visitor site links on the table 9 homepage links page
02.18.01   updated out and proud ring on webrings page
02.18.01   added new game to the poohsticks page
01.21.01   updated queering ring on webrings page
01.11.01   removed borders from thumbnails
01.11.01   added original online date to navigation frame
01.11.01   restored site referral page
01.11.01   made all banners link to front page
01.08.01   changed font for banners
12.26.00   message board removed
12.26.00   all font styles on site now derived from style sheet
12.26.00   tweaked font sizes in style sheet
12.26.00   installed onsite mail response form
12.26.00   fixed font display issues on picture captions
12.26.00   deleted all banner ads
12.23.00   deleted the link to on the famous jamies page
12.10.00   fixed more display issues
12.10.00   added links to the pages listed on this updates page
12.10.00   poohsticks page fine-tuned
12.10.00   updated links on home page
10.08.00   fixed background color display issues on site search page
10.08.00   fixed background color display issues on message board
10.08.00   fixed table and background color display issues in guestbook
10.08.00   fixed quizlet/survey page display issues
10.07.00   changed color scheme; background color placed in style sheet
10.07.00   fixed minor display problems when windows task bar was not hidden
10.07.00   added interesting new winning games to the poohsticks page
10.07.00   created this updates page

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