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this and that catchup


it’s been a while, so here are a few short takes: » kirk was in the hospital overnight on wednesday for some tests. he’s had dizziness, general fatigue, and chest tightness for a few weeks now, and our doctor wanted to rule out the big stuff — heart problems, blood clots, lung problems, etc. thankfully […]

thank goodness


the media has gotten obama to denounce the last uppity black man in his life. now maybe they’ll be satisfied and move on to things of consequence. like, say, health care, the economy, the middle east, iraq, and iran.

obama “outraged” with wright’s comments


from the article: In his harshest criticism yet of his former minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama said he was “outraged” by Wright’s comments at the National Press Club Monday, and “saddened by the spectacle.” personally, i’m guessing that wright chose to fall on his sword to a degree — to get out there and […]

comment of the day


from an obama/clinton story on talking points memo: “Blocking revotes in MI and Fla.” Lol! I just love this mindless talking point. Where did he acquire the power to stop the Michigan and Florida legislatures from passing laws and/or the state parties from submitting workable delegate selection plans to the DNC? Is this like a […]

classic wonkette snark


i love reading the attitude is a perfect antidote to boring and conventional political coverage here’s an excellent example of why.

obama’s new strategy?


i’ve wailed and moaned for obama to get tougher. it seems that he has. the last couple of news cycles have seen a steady ramp-up of stories about how hillary clinton outright lied “misspoke” about her trip to bosnia with sinbad and sheryl crow. a clinton obfuscating a prevarication? who knew? nice to note that […]

more obama miscues


last i checked, i was musing about obama getting control of his message. not sure it’s gotten any better. first we have the whole “rev. wright” business. an astute politician, or a worthy adviser to that politician, should have seen this coming a mile away. and should have worked in advance to negate the effect, […]

barack obama’s speech on race


from the speech: This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected. what a beautiful turn of phrase. isn’t that what our goal should be? a more perfect union? slam him all you want for being vapid. we need someone uplifting about now.

hey obama, get control of your message


way too many people are going off the reservation in the obama campaign. we’ve had the guy talking to the canadians about nafta. hillary, of course, did the same thing, but that’s not my concern here. then this samantha power person called hillary a monster and had to resign. now we find out that she […]

Barack Hussein Obama…and other Semitically Named American Heroes


a wonderful article investigates, with elegance, erudition, and wit, the origins of barack hussein obama’s name. from the article: Now let us take the name “Hussein.” It is from the Semitic word, hasan, meaning “good” or “handsome.” Husayn is the diminutive, affectionate form. Barack Obama’s middle name is in honor of his grandfather, Hussein, a […] completely bites; obama shines anyway


watched the second half of the final debate last night. didn’t watch the first half, except in stutters, with constant “buffering…please wait” messages flashing across my screen. it’s not my internet access — cnn streamed their two debates to me without a hitch. and when i finally abandoned all hope and went to to […]

last night’s debate


watched the debate last night, the same way we did last time, since we have no cable tv. like last time, i liked hillary. she’s intelligent, measured, informed, and projects enthusiasm, power, and competence. problem for her is, so does obama. two great candidates. and what i’m reminded of is the cycle i went through […]

quick question


if the republicans have any real nasty, smoking gun-type dirt on barack obama, why would they save it for a general election? why wouldn’t they get it out there now in hopes of knocking out obama in favor of hillary? hillary, about whom they have warehouses of dirt to unload. and you know they’d rather […]

obama: looking back, looking forward


from kos, a great snapshot of where obama stands, how he got there, where the race is probably going, and why we should take a deep breath and appreciate the race lasting a bit longer. from the article: Now I know people will be calling for her to quit the race, but I hope she […]

i said, please…make…her…stop


this can’t be coming from the campaign, right? still, don’t these people know they are hurting her far more than they are helping her?



is this hillary’s attempt at mobilizing young voters via viral video? if so, it’s hard to imagine a more tone-deaf attempt. if not, the campaign should have had the foresight to not let a camera anywhere near this spectacle. or, indeed, not produce the spectacle in the first place.

george w. bush: liberal spender


from, via andrew sullivan, comes this damning assessment: if bush and the republican congress had stuck to the spending levels we saw during the clinton administration, we could finance the wars in iraq and afghanistan and still have a surplus. rather than a $400 billion deficit. whatever happened to fiscal constraint?

oh god i’m old


from wonkette, discussing kim gordon’s endorsement of barack obama: And here’s another funny thing: If Barry Obama becomes president, we’ll have a president eight years younger than Sonic Youth’s bassist. Think about it. i’m going to go to bed, and pull the covers over my head. all weekend.

a typical obama supporter, or atypical obama supporter?


i’m going with the former vs. the latter; at least i hope that’s true. it’s a long clip (~6 minutes), and the guy stands up under a steady barrage of questioning. he’s very well informed and remains calm under pressure. me, i would have buckled a minute or so into a grilling that intense. via […]

i can live with that


so mitt romney is out, which means that john mccain is the republican nominee. I’ll probably still vote for whoever the democratic nominee is, although if hillary is the nominee i will give mccain a good hard look. if obama is the nominee then there’s no question — he’s my man. (and to all that […]