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an immodest proposal


while we are nationalizing businesses like aig and fannie mae and freddie mac and bear stearns, why don’t we just get it over with and nationalize the health care industry as well? it’s ironically amusing to me that the bush administration now walks into the sunset having accomplished the most socialist acquisitions in american history. […]

headline of the year


time’s take on the controversy surrounding mccain’s comments about prime minister zapatero: the pain in spain falls mainly on mccain. classic.

all you need to know about republican campaign tactics


…is contained in this short post (with accompanying picture) by jake tapper: The McCain campaign tells the media to stop intruding on the private life of the unmarried pregnant 17-year-old daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin while staging a photo op with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and the 17-year-old’s fiance, Levi Johnston. talk about have your […]

laura mcgann


here’s a name you may be hearing from in days to come. i learned about her via talking points memo…she has reported on alaska politics in the past and seems to know the lay of the land. she’s now in wasilla and has a series of posts at the washington independent. she’s doing the thing […]

joe klein nails the palin summary


in a must-read blog post about the desperately devious inanity of the mccain campaign’s newly-started “war on the media”, joe klein neatly summarizes what’s wrong [so far] with sarah palin: Palin raised taxes as governor, supported the Bridge to Nowhere before she opposed it, pursued pork-barrel projects as mayor, tried to ban books at the […]

obama breaks 50% in polling


for the first time, obama has broken through the 50% support barrier, in gallup and other polls. a post-convention bounce that will dissipate? maybe. but given that the polling time period includes the beginning of the paling of palin, i’m guessing that 50% may be a new low water mark for obama’s polling. or at […]

mccain unable to stay on message


even when the message itself is pretty idiotic: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday taunted Republican candidate John McCain for agreeing on the importance of keeping tires inflated as an energy-conservation measure after having joined the GOP in mocking the idea. “It will be interesting to watch this debate between John McCain and John […]

wake me up


…when john mccain breaks 44% in a national poll. obama leads mccain 47% to 41% in this recent poll. there have also been some polls that show mccain in the lead. what do they all have in common? obama goes up and down, but i haven’t seen him go lower than 45% in any poll. […]

headline of the day


New McCain Ad Bashes Obama for Not Visiting Troops Using Footage of Obama Visiting Troops. via daily kos. there’s not much this guy can do right, is there? there’s something to be said for voting for someone using the effectiveness and cohesion of their campaign organization as a criteria.

hot water for dehydrated babies


the banality, bad planning, and hilarity of john mccain’s speech on tuesday has been discussed to death. but i want to focus on one particular line that had kirk and me hooting with laughter. and of course there’s a long hilarious discussion on digg. hopefully by november this guy will, at a minimum, learn to […]

i can live with that


so mitt romney is out, which means that john mccain is the republican nominee. I’ll probably still vote for whoever the democratic nominee is, although if hillary is the nominee i will give mccain a good hard look. if obama is the nominee then there’s no question — he’s my man. (and to all that […]

listening to hillary


kirk and i don’t have cable tv, and our tv doesn’t have a tuner, so no television for us. but we have wanted to see one of the debates, so we tuned in to last night’s debate between hillary clinton and barack obama. tuned in via, which provides a live feed. a very tiny […]