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unsolicited recommendation: la cie


I have two la cie hard drives i use as onsite backup for my two computers. the power supply went bad on one, which i verified by switching them out. emailed la cie technical support at 5:26am pst requesting a replacement. received a reply at 6:07am pst informing me that my replacement was shipping today. […]

unsolicited recommendation:


we (well, mostly me, because i’m the cheap one in the family) decided when we moved to riverdale to not get cable tv. we’d turned it off before moving from inwood, and had not missed it. a couple of months ago, we had a brief flirtation with getting basic cable tv channels (just broadcast channels), […]

unsolicited recommendation:


for years, kirk and i just left our liquor bottles in a disorganized clump on the floor. with our holiday party coming up, we thought it might be nice to have a small liquor cabinet to put the bottles in, something that had a top that could double as a small dry bar. so kirk […]