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the story of jamie

once there was a little boy named jamie. (that would be me!!!!) he lived in a small town with many narrow-minded people, who could tell all too easily that this sensitive little guy was gonna grow up to be a big old queen.

so, as a young boy, he got kinda picked on a bit…nothing too tough to handle, but it definitely made him feel apart from the rest. later, he would learn that this was ok, but at the time, it hurt desperately. so, as he became a teenager, he learned to repress that part of himself. he dated girls (very unsuccessfully), became popular and well liked, and generally made everyone feel that he had, indeed, changed for the better.

however, inside, jamie felt torn. he knew that he was fooling himself, because his boyfriend told him so (!). but he also thought that if he could just become straight somehow, everything would be ok. so he went on with his little charade, and went into college.on his first day of college, jamie received a name tag that read “james.” some stranger came up to him and said “james….do they call you jim?” a turning point…life in transition…something inside jamie said, “yes my name is jim.” jamie thought that if he changed his name, he would finally leave that part of him that was gay, teased, and unacceptable behind.

little did he know that it would end up causing more trouble than, jamie bumbled through life for 20 or so more years as jim. he eventually realized how silly he had been. jim came to represent that part of him that he struggled to overcome. jim was everything jamie was not…closeted, married to a lesbian (but that’s another story for another day!), and totally uncomfortable with himself.

after jim came out of the closet, got divorced (but remained best friends!) and became truly happy for the first time, accepting who he was, he saw what had to be done. years after his final steps were taken, he took what proved to be the real final step.

his friend ann from california heard the story, and said, very simply, “well, dammit, be jamie…that’s easy enough!” and she started calling him jamie. it caught on…jim found that everyone wanted to call him jamie, because they loved him and supported his decision, or sometimes simply because it had become the thing to do!

so, jim, rest in peace. jamie is here to stay!


  1. JT

    Jamie! e mail me please! important. 🙂

    Posted on 13-Dec-06 at 3:21 am | Permalink
  2. Rowena Cherryhomes

    I think that you grew up in a town called floral city, and I was the
    person that you are speaking about however I do not remember the story that you have written about -I have some questions did you live in floral city?

    Posted on 08-Oct-07 at 6:33 pm | Permalink
  3. hi rowena!

    thanks for stopping by — i assume you are talking about this story? it happened on keating park drive walking home from school, on the corner where the creepy old guy lived in that travel trailer.

    anyway, it’s all water under the bridge now. how are you? where are you? how’s roy? great to hear from you — email me if you like!



    Posted on 08-Oct-07 at 11:11 pm | Permalink

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