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good saturday morning

just scanned the headlines online and no mention of mary cheney. so maybe i can calm down a bit. time will tell…i’ll check the sunday morning talking heads for the final verdict. which is in itself an interesting subject…having watched those talking heads since i was a teenager.

i’ve always watched the sunday morning argue-fests. i got hooked on them watching “face the nation” and “meet the press” and then moved on to my all-time favorite, classic “mclaughlin group.” i still watch every week , but it’s not as good as when morton (mor-tonnne! you have lurched uncontrollably onto the truth!) kondracke, jack germond, and robert novak were on the show. poor eleanor clift. she now looks stranded in time sometimes, like the ship left and she forgot to get on it. she must be doing it with that sneaky old jesuit mclaughlin.

i loved jack germond–he’s one of the people that showed me how to be a good old-fashioned liberal and be proud of it. and though i’ve perhaps slipped a bit in consistency, a bit away from knee-jerk-ism, i’m still pretty damn liberal. i still remember him maintaining two weeks before the 1988 election that dukakis could win, even though dukakis had already, in desparation, declared himself a proud liberal. germond finally, grudingly, admitted that bush would win. but the sour look on his face when he said it was priceless.

probably the most worrisome trend for me personally, as i watch the show in its new incarnation, is how often i agree with what pat buchanan says. have i lost my mind? no, it’s just that most of his comments now are off the subject of social issues, on which i would probably vehemently disagree with him, and on the subject of the war, on which i almost always agree with him. on the war, he’s that old school conservative that is so far right they end up being a bit libertarian, which is where the circle back to liberalism completes itself. he believes, as do i, that time will show it to be the worst move this country has made in decades but that, having made it, we have no choice but to see it through to some extent.

but a discussion of the war, its effects, and possible solutions, is beyond the scope of this particular blog entry, and probably beyond the scope of this blog altogether. it’s not a subject one can topline easily, though i could take a crack at it in a very boring multi-day series.

don’t hold your breath. blogging is supposed to be fun and mind-cleansing for me. and i’ve already progressed from mood: irritated to mood: calming. don’t get me cranky again.

we’ll see how long that lasts.

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  1. Congrats on your happy new blog. It’s lovely to see you ranting at the computer rather than at me. :hehe: I’m not sure how I feel about your perverse aversion to caps, but that’s what makes the phone book I suppose. And indeed, it is disturbing how rational Mr. B is sounding lately.

    Posted on 16-Oct-04 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

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