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jamie endorses

i’m not going to ramble as usual. getting right to the point. focusing. omitting needless words. strunk would be proud of me. as george bush the elder said when reading the notes to the speech rather than the speech itself, “message: i care.” and i do. about you, my dear reader. and about this great land of ours.

so no wasting your time when it comes to something this important, something so crucial as my official endorsement of a presidential candidate. if you’re undecided, click “more” and read on.

basically, my logic goes thus: you are undecided. you have, of all things, clicked on “more” to see what i might have to say on this subject. perhaps some heretofore undiscovered nugget of wisdom that i can impart, something to give you a pathway through the madness that this process has been.

are you fucking nuts?

if, at this point, you are so desperate to find an answer that you, even for one brief moment, gave any credence at all to what i might have to say on the subject, then you have clearly lost perpective. you are not truly seeking answers.

you don’t need someone to try to convince you, persuade you, argue with you, cajole you, shame you, rationalize with you, debate you, analyze you.

you need someone to tell you. forcefully.

so do what i tell you to do. you don’t want a pissed-off middle-aged fag up in your grille. i mean it.

next tuesday, vote for john kerry.


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