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what i saw

boy have i been lazy.

not really. i helped cook thanksgiving dinner, and more importantly, i ate it, which takes much more time. i also helped put together all of our holiday cards. it’s kirk’s year to design it (we take turns) but i help out. not to mention everyday life stuff.

so i haven’t blogged for many days. my sincere apologies…i’ll get back on the stick.

so here’s another (or, rather, the first) installment of “what i saw”.

i saw a young mother in the park over the holiday. yes, that’s one of the things i did instead of blogging…a long long walk in inwood park. the young mother had a dog and a child. a large dog, a small child. the very large dog was running free, merrily going a few feet to several yards ahead of mother and child at will, sniffing the ground, trotting happily this way and that, checking out whatever he took notice of.

the child, dragging behind rather listlessly, was on a leash.

i wish i’d had a camera. as dave barry says, i am not making this up.

i saw an installment of timber sports on espn 2. they saw things with hand saws, and they saw things with chain saws.

and i saw things with hand saws and chain saws as well. i saw big burly men who look like they’ve eaten their share of barbecue in their time. timber sports, for the uninitiated, are populated with these big burly men, who also chop and climb and roll logs and such.

as i’m not a bear chaser, i have no interest whatsoever in any of this, except from a dissociated perspective of learning about something i knew nothing much about. but if one were a bear chaser, one could hardly do better than to watch this show, which seems to be espn 2’s idea of counter-programming for football sunday in some odd way.

it came on after figure skating from china, which explains how i came to see it. figure skating from china–now that’s effective football sunday counter-programming.

so that’s it. i saw more, but i’ll save those sights for another day.

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