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jamiehoward dot com

well, after long last, i am master of my domain. name.

not in the seinfeld sense. i’ve never been master of my domain in that sense for longer than a day or two.

i mean that i’m now the proud owner of jamiehoward dot com. typed out that way to hopefully fool the spammers.

and if you type jamiehoward dot com into your browser, except that you put a “.” instead of the word dot, and maybe type an “http://” and a “www.” at the beginning depending on which browser you are using or how anally thorough you tend to or need to be, you will be instantly transported to where you are now, which is queerspace dot com, except with a “.”.

i’m not sure, but i think jamiehoward dot com was gone already when i registered queerspace dot com back in the day. although i may not have tried, because at the time i was still in the throes of jim howard-dom. you don’t know that story? read all about it here.

anyway, being jim at the time and not jamie, i may have tried to register and failed. i left the dot in there because i don’t care if jim howard gets spammed, the dirty bastard. i’m just kidding. don’t even know the guy, who lives, according to a whois search of the domain name owner, in fairfield california. hello jim howard. you should do something with your domain name besides just buy the damn thing–there’s no page for you? that i don’t get. it’s like kids on the playground who have a pocketful of candy, but don’t share it with anyone else, but don’t eat any themselves either because they get a kick out of having it and knowing that other people want some but can’t have any. like the song says, “i’m mr. heat miser…”

but, to be fair, kirk owns his name in domain-name-style and hasn’t done a damn thing with it either, which boggles my mind, but c’est la vie, as they say in spain. and he definitely would share his candy, because he is a wonderful man. so my apologies, jim howard. who knows what your motivations are, and i should not judge them.

and my apologies, jamie howard, voice over artist and impressionist in england. i can’t say i was unhappy when you abandoned your name online, because that meant that i could assume ownership. but you didn’t just buy your name and sit on it greedily. you put up a site, which i visited many times, and told the world all about yourself, which i appreciated. i hope your career is still going well. and i hope you made a conscious decision to relinquish your name, and didn’t just get screwed over because some idiot forgot to pay the $10 to renew or whatever. although, given that your site has been down for months and months, and that it takes months and months of warnings to lose your domain name, i guess that’s not the case.

courtesy of the internet wayback machine, here is your old jamiehoward dot com site. you’re really, really cute, dude. i mean, hot. you look just like mark-paul gosselaar, which coming from me is a huge compliment. if you have any talent at all, you should do fine, especially with those looks. hope you don’t mind a formerly-somewhat-cute-and-slipping-fast 40-ish gay guy telling you that.

hope that, if you didn’t want to lose the name registration, you at least learned a little lesson about personal responsibility and following up on details. sorry. that’s the teacher in me. i used to be a schoolteacher. and i hated me when i said things like that too, but sometimes they had to be said, just in case.

hope you’re doing well.

hope you’re ok.

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