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the rap clause

lil’ kim’s conviction caused me to rethink yesterday’s rules, and so, i give to you,

the rap clause: file this as a subpoint to the rule of famous. famous rappers are the exception to the fame rule–they are always convicted. why? ain’t it obvious? it’s a racial thing. there may be times, maybe most times, maybe nearly all times, when rappers are guilty, but i’ll bet that innocent rappers have nevertheless been convicted.

p diddy/puff daddy you say? not a rapper. please.

this, by the way, is an ideal blog entry to gizzogle.

now i’m off to eat lots of birthday pennsylvania dutch excess with the in-laws (and of course the hubby as well.) with apologies to dorothy parker, here’s my take:

oh life is a glorious cycle of food
a medley of extemporanea
discussing your next meal whilst eating’s not rude
and i am marie of roumania

cheers all–happy weekend!

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