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jamie floats to top of pool

i really don’t brag too often. i have a lot of reticence when it comes to “tooting my own horn”, so to speak.

but today is an exception, because i won the ncaa basketball tournament office pool.

and with it, $264 in cold hard cash, baby.


of course, no win like this comes without a lot of hard work on my part. following the teams all year, looking at their season records, seeing who is hot, which players are injured, who is slacking, etc.

many invested hours of watching games, reading the sports pages every day, and researching on the internets finally paid off this year.

yeah right.

i don’t know the first fucking thing about basketball. don’t know the rules, can’t make any sense of what goes on, never watch it, think it’s boring as all hell. i know i’m ignorant here, but i love baseball which makes sense to me, and i only have room for one sport in my life.

so every year i print out the vegas odds and use them to fill out my bracket in about ten minutes. i picked unc to win because they had the second best odds of winning. i figured lots of people would pick the team with the best odds, illinois, and that to vault over them i had to pick someone else. so that’s what i did.

and this year, it worked. and i didn’t even have to watch minute one of the stupid actual games. actually, i think i watched the last five minutes of some game that came on just before “60 minutes”, so i watched five minutes worth of games, to be completely honest.

so that’s my system. go with the vegas oddsmakers except for the final game. and hope you have a boatload of luck, which this year i did.

not that my system works any better than any other system, because it’s all basically semi-educated guesses with a lot of luck. but feel free to use my system which has worked once in about ten tries.

the best part, though, is how all the straight guy basketball fans are congratulating me, but with this curious questioning look on their face like “how does this gay guy win the pool? i guess the gay guy knows his basketball.” because i’m out, and they know it, and it all confuses them. that’s what they are thinking. i can tell.

and i’m not bothering to correct them.

so now i have $264 more to take with me when i go to the south of france next week. did i mention that? i think i did. kirk and i are taking kirk’s mom.

i’m off to the currency exchange.

did i say “whooooooooweeeeee”?

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