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worst. marketing. ever.

dell has introduced their latest “ipod killer”. it’s called the “dell ditty”. as dave barry is so fond of saying, i am not making this up.

i am also not making up this unfortunate website which dell has apparently created to promote this unfortunately named product.

honestly, i thought this was a parody site. i’m still not sure that it isn’t. if i’m missing some joke here, please let me know. is this loser guy in a track suit supposed to make me want to buy a dell ditty? even al sharpton doesn’t wear these anymore.

and can you picture the conversation if you actually had one of these things?

“is that an ipod?”

“no, it’s my new dell ditty.”

[hysterical laughter]

“well, it’s not my fault. my grandmother gave it to me.”

and the comments here will make you pee your pants laughing.

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