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no doubt about doubt

yesterday i mentioned, well, more than mentioned.

yesterday i exhaustively told you what i was going to be up to that evening. which now was yesterday evening.

and today i’ll tell you what i actually did yesterday evening, and what i thought of it. longest most boring lead on blog history, that was. but oh well.

doubt was terrific, and so was komegashi.

at komegashi, we had a marvelous meal. the crowd bashed it in a hipper-than-the-hipper-than-thou-place kind of way, but i’m telling you to ignore any negative comments you read or hear about this place. i don’t think any of the posters on that site had actually eaten there. they just bashed the concept in their usual self-supporting logrolling circle-jerk kind of way. i hate when websites turn into a place where everyone is there to tell everyone else how wonderful and intelligent they are, so that they in turn will be hailed as a genius as well.

whatever. again i digress.

komegashi has very interesting food with flavors that are at once delicate and bold. we had kobe beef for an appetizer–it came out raw and you cooked it on a hot stone, and ate it with a variety of dipping sauces and such. that, and a nice variety of sushi. tasty sushi, but nothing extraordinary.

my entree was a hot pot-ish dish with lobster, clams, salmon and vegetables in a smoky, delicious broth. wonderful stuff. and my dessert was the best part. a granita of some oriental leaf-thing, a green tea creme brulee, and a combination of a gelato-y thing with bean paste and a salty tuile.

great service, friendly staff, excellent food, and a value considering the quality of ingredients. run don’t walk…loved it.

doubt was fantastic as well. what a great date night i had! it’s been a long time since i saw two people as explosive on stage as cherry jones and brian o’byrne were. whatever your opinion on molestation and priests and nuns and catholicism and the vatican and all, your opinion will be effectively challenged and you’ll leave in a muddled state of confusion about what you think.

and did i mention that it’s also funny as all hell? it is.

so go see doubt. eat at komegashi.

take me along as your guest, if you like. i’ll go again to either.

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