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lets go mets, part 19

i got tickets to tonight’s mets game through a contact at work. thanks, contact at work! they are great seats–field box level, right up front, off to the third base side a bit, so you have to crane your neck a bit, but who am i to complain?

and, even though the game means absolutely nothing to any of the teams in postseason contention, i’m still glad i’ll be there.


well, first and foremost, these are probably mike piazza’s last three games as a met. his contract is up, and he’s not going to get a new one, or at least i doubt that he will. he’s off to the american league to be a designated hitter, i’m sure. something that i hate in principle. don’t get me started on the perverted lunacy that is the american league designated hitter.

but in any case i want to be there to see one of his last games. it would be cool to be at the very last one, but this one will do. he did great last night, including hitting a home run. and i want to be there tonight to cheer him, no matter what the hell or how the hell he does.

and second reason, the mets won 11-0 last night. which means that this will be a very close game that the mets will lose, probably, 1-0 or 2-1. it seems like that’s the way it always works. and i like close games…more tension and all. it’s not boring, fools. everyone always says that baseball is boring because there’s nothing going on. that’s so wrong. it doesn’t take constant action to produce excitement and tension. if you know the game and know what to look for, it’s uniformly thrilling all the time. so i’m betting that, for me, this will be an exciting game, and i want to be there.

third reason, it’s my last chance for shea food. shea food sucks ass compared to just about every other stadium in the country, but it’s still stadium food, which rocks. love the italian sausage with the peppers and onions. love the roasted peanuts…love to make a mess with the shells and irritate kirk. love the soda, especially if kirk has remembered to bring caps because they take the caps off the sodas and keep them so you won’t throw them at people or players, who are i suppose people as well, but i’m sure kirk has forgotten the caps, so it won’t matter either way.

fourth reason, my friend aphro from work is going as well. and she’s cool, and she rocks.

fifth reason, i don’t have to get up early for anything tomorrow so it doesn’t matter how long the game is or how long the subway ride home is. except i have to be up to talk to my mom–we talk on the phone every saturday at 8:30. she’s in assisted living, and looks forward to the calls, so i can’t miss them. but getting up early for me is 5:00, because i’m usually up at 5:30 anyway. sleeping in for me is not getting up until 7:00 or so. it doesn’t matter what time i go to bed–i’m up when the sun rises.

sixth reason, it’s baseball. last chance until next year.

it’s always such a long winter.

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