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not a great day for sports

yesterday, that is.

the mets won, and that was the bright spot. even though it doesn’t ultimately matter in the postseaon scheme of things, the mets will go out on a high note, above .500 and with several young players that we’ll be seeing for years.

but the red sox lost, and even though it looks at this point like they’ll get the wild card, i really wanted the red sox and the indians to get together and win some games and send the yankees home for october. maybe next year. but i guess having the yankees in the post season is good for the tv ratings and thus good for baseball, so i’ll be a bit magnanimous and congratulate the yankees. grudingly. they got the job done again–i suppose you can’t deny that.

and the gators lost big time. 31-3. or i guess that should be 3-31. to alabama. that’s college football, which i like but not as much as baseball. not nearly.

it’s going to be a long winter.

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