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black clad flashback

bela’s not dead. bela’s alive.

or, to put it another way, i’m reliving my gothic youth tonight. bauhaus is playing the nokia theater, and i have tickets.

it’s a real kick in the eye. har har har.

seriously, i never got to see bauhaus when i was young enough to look cool going to the concert. and so i’m dressed in all black from the gap and going and hoping it’s really dark and no one cares or notices. i’m sure that a big chunk of audience is going to be 40+ like me anyway. we’ll see.

there’s a great picture on the “pictures of jamie” page of what i looked like in my robert-smith-wannabe old school times. it’s the one captioned “youthful heyday”. did i really have that much hair? damn.

kirk, of course, will look fabulous. he’s dressing in a bustier and heels and the short blonde wig from hedwig, and he has confidence and he has great makeup skills, so he’ll be right at home. me, i never did my own makeup or hair, so i have always been dependent on the kindness of strangers and experts. and i have very little to work with anymore, so i just figure i’ll be my present self, only in black, and hope for the best.

but, nevertheless, i am very excited. peter murphy is a god on earth as far as i am concerned. and i did see love and rockets all those years ago, but this is much much different and much much better. bauhaus is the motherlode of goth cool.

so, when the lights are dimmed tonight, i will be 21 again. i can hardly wait.

black cars look better in the shade, right?

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