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stuff i’m digging today

here’s what i’m digging today.

by the way, radio city christmas show tonight. the orchestra settled their strike or lockout or whatever, so there will be live music and therefore i will be in attendance and not yelling at the house manager instead.

oh yeah. here’s what i’m digging today. is this site where people register and then post links to things they find interesting. and then other people “digg” the links, which is basically recommending individual links to other people as interesting and worth the time to read. and through some obscure algorithm, the most-recommended links end up arranged in order. so you can click through the pages and see what other people find interesting.

i haven’t registered and i’m not a member and so i don’t digg individual links, although i do “digg” the site in general using “digg” as a non-cool adjective, and that’s why i’m telling you about the site itself. but i’m too antisocial to join and too busy with other things to sift through and look for interesting things to recommend.

so i’m basically just leeching off of everyone else’s time and hard work and contributing nothing myself. thanks, everyone else, for doing that for me.

here’s the perfect example of what the site is all about. it’s a picture of a guy’s head, taken from 360 degrees around and then flattened out for your viewing pleasure. now how else would you have seen that? only because digg exists. that’s why.

here’s a great story about some guy who used social engineering techniques and a little bit of technical skill to scare some bandwidth hog in a hotel. cool stuff, if true. you never can tell about stories like this. i’m cynical that way.

and digg is where i found out about the internet story of the day that i blogged about a few days ago.

it’s a great site. check it out.

maybe i’ll even start participating.


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