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weekend of catch-up

i’m behind on a number of things. and this is the weekend that i get caught up on them.

some things important, most things unimportant. but if i commit them publicly to the internets, perhaps they’ll actually get done.

so, in no particular order…

several people have emailed me out of the blue, some as a result of this site. i’ve had a couple of old students email me (hello, kelly and hello, kim) and there are a couple of people i should drop a line to (hello, mike and hello, shannon and hello, andy). and i, in an infinite show of gratitide, have let their emails languish in my inbox.

i have 20 hours of tv backed up on the tivo and i need to get it watched. now there’s an admirable goal, right? but my aforementioned aching back is looking forward to a weekend of relaxed inactivity, and so all the tivoed stuff from when i’ve been watching the olympics will get watched this weekend. and besides, when you fast-forward through the commercials, it’s only a few hours total, right?

i have the latest issues of several magazines to get through. i know, busman’s holiday. i work for a magazine publisher, in case you’ve forgotten. but i get our magazines for free, and i subscribe to others, and they are all backed up and stacked up.

i want to finish the memoir by frank rich, whose writing for the new york times i adore, but whose memoir is about as turgid and uninteresting as one can imagine. i think frank had a fairly boring life which just doesn’t merit remembrance. and it was written pre-james frey, so he didn’t know he had the option to make things up to add spice to the proceedings. the best part so far was when he obliquely referred to his mutual masturbation sessions with the son of the guy who wrote “fiddler on the roof”. and when that’s a high point, you know you are in trouble. but i’ve started the damn book, and unlike william hurt’s character in “the big chill”, i’m into that completion thing.

there are other things, i’m sure. but those will keep me busy and out of trouble.


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