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american idol musings

it’s my guilty pleasure, i admit. i watch every week. 5 hours or so of my life down the drain. but i love it, so get out of here with your judgmental attitude.

besides, i’m guessing you watch too.

so who are my favorites so far?

i like taylor hicks a lot. he’s probably my favorite performer, because he is so real, unaffected, and obviously in love with music. hated his song choice last night, though. “easy” by the commodores. too safe. he did about as much as you can do with it, and he was still great.

but too safe. song choice is everything, and nearly anything would have been better than that.

taylor, if you’re reading this, i have one thing to say: people get ready, by curtis mayfield

actually i’ll also say that he could sing me nearly anything off of “the rose” soundtrack or even some janis joplin herself, for that matter. but the [commode]ores? please don’t waste my time again, taylor.

and there are several other guys who are really good. i like ace, and elliot, and gedeon, and chris, and bucky. i was on the fence about bucky until he bemoaned the lack of sweet tea in southern california. that did it for me. i hate that i can’t get good sweet tea in nyc, even in places where i should be able to, like a supposedly southern bbq joint.

on the female side, i love me some mandisa. and some paris bennett. but overall, the guys have it all over the girls this time…they have a much much deeper bench. after the merge, i think the girls are going to bite the dust much much faster than the guys will.

who needs to go immediately? brenna, brenna, and brenna. can’t sing, and raises my blood pressure 30 points every time i see her face. and i don’t get why the judges keep giving kevin covais a free pass. his rendition of “heard it through the grapevine” was abysmal, and yet randy, paula and even simon just dwell on personality issues.

who’s going to win? i think taylor has already won regardless of the outcome–he’ll have a career no matter what. he’s the only one who i’d buy his cd right now, unheard. he’ll work with the singers and musicians that singers and musicians respect, because i think they’ll get that he’s one of them. and he’ll be selling music for the next 30 years. i think he’s that good. he channels passion.

who will win the competition? it’s early. on the female side, paris might have the edge, but kellie pickler is one to watch. on the guys side, i wish that taylor would go all the way, but i don’t have that much faith in the taste of america. i think elliot could do it, because he seems very very versatile and i think ace, bucky and gedeon might stumble when it gets to the weeks where they mandate styles and genres.

what the hell. i’ll pick elliot and paris, and elliot winning it all.

you heard it here first.

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