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not colorblind

well, i am colorblind in that i do not care about the color of the skin of my fellow man/woman and all that politically correct happiness and light.

but i am not colorblind in the physical sense. you can go here and see if you are. i can see all the numbers in the dotty circle things, so i guess i’m ok. and i have better than 20/20 vision, uncorrected. there should be a job for me there somewhere, with my perfect eyesight.

anyway, today i ran across a fascinating link to a reverse colorblindness test. there are pictures there that test the color perception of people without colorblindness. if you are colorblind, you see the “hidden” image right away.

if you aren’t colorblind to some degree, you won’t see the image at all. i didn’t.

i like things like this–things that give you a different perspective on the “normal” take on things. i like that there’s a test that makes the “normal” person understand how a colorblind person feels.

here’s another cool link along those lines–a colorblind webpage filter. you can put in a url and a type of colorblindness, and the site will render the page to show you what that page would look like to a colorblind person.

the internets are a wonderful place, aren’t they?

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