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getting caught up

i’m back at it. camping was fantastic. i’d forgotten how much i liked it. and kirk can build a good fire, so we had all our food cooked on the open wood flame. yum, yum.

i didn’t forget to go to kiki and herb this time, and the show was, as always, phenomenal. don’t miss it. it was the last show before opening night tonight, and they were up for it. i’m going to go back again, assuming i can get a ticket deal of some kind.

the fake steve jobs blog, which i’ve written about several times, is back in operation. check it out–hysterically funny writing.

and, although kansans are once again supporting evolution in schools, it appears that the united states is ranked next to last among countries of the world in acceptance of this scientific theory. the chart depicting the results is truly depressing. only 40% of americans accept evolution as true, with 60% stating either that it is false, or that they are not sure. at least we are smarter than the turks in this regard.

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