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“shortbus” is rolling

“shortbus” is the new film from john cameron mitchell, of hedwig fame, and it’s coming to new york.

it’s been a long wait, and i’m psyched as all hell to finally see it. it’s jcm’s attempt to reclaim sex in film from the clutches of pornography. here’s an interview with john about the film.

“Sex,” says john in the article, “has been cheapened by porn.” i think this is a great idea for a film, and i think it’s going to push all the right buttons (so to speak), just when some damn buttons really need to be pushed.

and in addition, it looks like a lot of fun. see the trailer for yourself, either censored or uncensored.

kirk is still on john’s mailing list from back in hedwig days, so we’ve gotten updates on this project from the beginning. i remember him soliciting stories from people, with the promise that the most interesting people and stories would be worked into the film. it looks like he kept his promise–a quick check of imdb turns up justin bond (from kiki and herb) along with lots of first-time performers. looks like he kept his promise to search out the best people and performances, bar none.

good for him.

here’s the schedule of dates, from john’s email:

Sept 10 – North American Premiere, Toronto Film Festival, followed by a big concert party (see our site for tickets).
Oct. 4 – New York release at the Landmark Sunshine
Oct 6 – LA and SF release
Oct. 13 through Nov – we expand across N. America

as he says, plan on going for opening weekend–lots of people for opening weekend means the movie will stay around, and expand.

people in ny, la, and sf need to show up in numbers, so that this movie moves as much as possible into the heartland. they need this movie out there!

i’ll be recruiting. you should, too!

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