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busy busy week

kirk and i had a blast camping this past weekend. great meals cooked over a fire built with 30-year-old oak logs, an all-day hike over gorgeous wooded terrain in perfect 60-degree weather, and a tent that didn’t leak [much] during the saturday night rainstorm. who could ask for more?

we’ll probably go camping again soon–kirk’s dad has a truck with a camper that he’s willing to lend us, and it’s fully outfitted for camping. all we need to do is show up with our sleeping bags, and we can sleep in the back of the truck in bad weather. i think we’ll be doing some cold-weather camping, which sounds fun to me.

this week? busy, busy, as the title says. tonight i have a massage scheduled–trying to get my shoulder and back into shape.

tomorrow night, tickets to the new production of a chorus line. i love this show, and i’ve never seen it performed, so i’m really psyched.

wednesday night, tickets to shortbus, which i’ve written about before.

kirk has rehearsal for “taming of the shrew” on thursday. i have the night off.

and we’re responsible for coffee hour at our church on sunday, and we always put a bit of extra effort into that. it’s a nice excuse to do a bit of cooking, which i always enjoy but am sometimes a bit lazy about, day-to-day.

and interspersed in all that are mets playoff games, to which we do not have tickets, but will rabidly follow, somehow.

it’s good to stay busy, and out of trouble.

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