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cringe-worthy zune tv commercials

the zune is microsoft’s answer to the ipod, and it’s coming at you sometime in november.

if you do a bit of research, you’ll see that the ipod’s dominance is probably not at all threatened by this ill-conceived electronic gadget. microsoft will sell quite a few at the expense of the market share of ipod’s comeptitors, but not at the expense of ipod’s own market share.

which is about 76% of portable music players. an unheard-of market share.

anyway, microsoft’s latest salvo in the ipod wars are the tv commercials revealed here at youtube. microsoft is trying really hard to be hep, and down with the younguns, and all.

i’m sure they’ll flock to the stores after seeing dog scratch. nothing to put you in the mindset of spending $250 on a brown (!) music player than watching a dog nose its privates.


you’d be much happier spending $29 on a refurbished ipod shuffle. that’s what i did today.

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