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the meat tray, part 2

nearly two years ago i wrote about my joy in receiving an enormous tray of meat as a prize in a raffle.

kirk and i were in reading, pennsylvania visiting his parents, and returned to the scene of the crime. the local fire company has an occasional sunday breakfast as a fundraiser. it features salted mackerel (can’t say i’m a fan of salty fishy breakfasts) but they have normal breakfast food as well.

and they sell chances for meat trays, a dollar a chance.

it was my first time returning since winning my original meat tray. i bought my one dollar ticket.

and in a room of at least a hundred people, i’ll be damned if i didn’t win the meat tray again. i’m two for two in the meat tray prize department. can’t get much better than that. what are the odds? at least 100-to-1 for winning each one. and lightning striking twice? pretty cool.

so sitting in my fridge, i have sausage, hamburger, pork chops, chicken, and steak. some of it is destined for the freezer, of course.

i think that eating meat must be my destiny.

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