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can’t stand the inactivity

a month ago, i was complaining that there was so much to do to close on the apartment, but because of timing there was nothing i could start on.

i don’t wait well. i have a list in my head of what needs to be done, and i know what the deadline is, and i see the clock ticking, and it drives me bonkers that i’m just waiting, with no ability to get things done, because other people have to do what they are doing first before i can begin.

i’m back there.

a month has gone by since i posted that, and we’ve closed on the apartment and torn it apart.

and, as soon as the ceiling, the kitchen wall, and the floor are done, we can start our work — the painting, the installation of appliances and kitchen cabinets, the choosing of new faucets and light fixtures, the replacing of ugly light switches and power outlets, and so on.

we visit every day, and there’s progress every day. and our new super has been, well, super, and has worked and coordinated and sweated along with us to help get it all done.

i. just. want. to. be. done.



i’ve gotta be more patient.

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