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if you don’t like the weather

…then just wait, because it will change. or so the saying goes.

at this time last week, i was bemoaning the heat and humidity. we were painting the new apartment, so you can’t close up the windows and turn on the air conditioner. fumes, and being overcome, and all.

this week we are having the floors refinished. and while heat and humidity isn’t ideal for that, i sure would settle for that weather right now.

because it’s raining.

in torrential downpour style, with no end in site for several days. and the only weather worse for refinishing floors than hot and humid is raining, which is of course 100% humidity.

aaaaargh. the weather means that we probably aren’t going to be able to get into the apartment until after this weekend, because the floor will most likely not be dry until then. and with the move date on monday, that means we are moving into a largely unfinished apartment.

but, as i keep telling myself, it’s our very own unfinished apartment.

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