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Monthly Archives: January 2008

giuliani out, santana in


it’s a matter of time before giuliani drops out. the mets wll sign johan santana. and we had a great restaurant week dinner at i trulli. what a great night.

confirmed: i’m supporting barack obama


i’ve been thinking about supporting obama. i liked his book, and following his campaign i’ve liked what i’ve seen. two things have pushed me over the edge toward full-fledged support. the first was caroline kennedy’s endorsement yesterday. I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired […]

stimulate this, congress


i like getting money as much as the next guy. and a $600 check will certainly be welcome, and if/when i get my stimulus check from congress, i will put it toward a credit card balance. but the idea that we have to send everyone checks to stimulate the economy is nonsense. you’d think it […]

my florida friends and relatives: don’t vote for giuliani


it doesn’t look like he will win, and it looks like losing may knock him out of the race for president. but, my fellow floridians, take it from a former floridian who lived in new york under giuliani for a time: you don’t want this guy as your president. the new york times summed it […] this could get addictive


via gawker, i found out about this new site,, that aggregates information about your neighborhood from various sources. right now, it’s only new york, chicago, and san francisco, but i could see this scaling up into national coverage. there’s lots of great info about my neighborhood. i learned not to eat at tony and […]

jonny greenwood and “popcorn superhet receiver”: no oscar for you


jonny greenwood’s score for “there will be blood”, which i discussed in my previous post, has been disqualified from consideration for an oscar this year. when the nominations came out this morning and he wasn’t on the list, i assumed that he had just been overlooked for his amazing work, which was in my estimation […]

popcorn superhet receiver


kirk and i saw “there will be blood” recently and came out raving about the score, which was by jonny greenwood of radiohead. i thought it was the best thing about the movie, daniel day-lewis included. kirk didn’t go that far, but that’s what makes the phone book. so when i got a ny times […]

apple tv: i am [not] moved


lots of cool new stuff from apple. including an updated apple tv, which is the thing i’m most likely to buy, but i think the wallet is staying in the pocket for the short term. longer term, there’s a small possibility of an apple tv in my home. » the apple tv can stream photos […]

there’s something in the air


the banners are hung by the windows with care. at the macworld expo, which begins monday. this year’s theme? “there’s something in the air”. my guess as to what’s in the air? updated displays that connect wirelessly. pulled that out of my ass — i have no idea. but it would be cool, and the […]



» today is anniversary #8 with kirk. you can read all about it. love ya baby. » next tuesday is the stevenote at macworld, which means lots of new apple stuff to potentially spend money on. in case you just stumbled here, i’m a big apple fan. what could get me to blow the dust […]

hillary exhausts me


so against all odds, she won in new hampshire. by, shocking to me but also instructive, winning the blue-collar vote. i still like obama, and frankly i like having hillary as my senator but i’m not sure about her as president. i really think we need a less partisan breath of fresh air. after 20 […]

cherry blossoms


via kottke, a story about an artist whose project illustrates our disconnect with the terrorism that so many other countries live with every day. from alyssa wright’s site: The project starts in a backpack outfitted with a small microcontroller and a GPS unit. Recent news of bombings in Iraq are downloaded to the unit every […]

smell yo dick


reading the sunday new york times (which is huge and very sensibly comes on saturday to give you additional time to read it) i ran across a blurb about riskay, a rapper from bartow, florida. my dad lived in bartow, so it caught my eye. also, riskay looks like a drag queen, so that caught […]

still liking that obama guy


i haven’t weighed in on this as yet, but i’ve been keeping my eye on obama. i’m on his mailing list. liked his last book. and with his victory last night in the iowa caucuses, things are looking good for him. from the article: Mr. Obama’s victory in this overwhelmingly white state was a powerful […]