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loving me some twin peaks

no not women’s breasts, you boob. i mean twin peaks, the tv show.

kirk is a huge fan of the series, which i missed the first time around. but we’re both big david lynch fans, so i got him the dvd box set at the first season has been available in the u.s. for quite a while, but the second season just came out via this “definitive gold box set”. he had vhs tapes of some of the episodes, but it’s nice to have a complete set all in one place, with everything remastered and modernized and such.

i think i may have watched an episode or two when it was first on, but i think i missed a show or two and then got lost and lost interest. but it’s ideal to have this box set. we’ve been watching a couple of episodes a night, and have gotten through the first [short] season.

i love the pace. it’s so slow and drawn out, which adds to the overall spooky effect. when i was younger and less patient, i probably would have merely thought that this pace was boring — but it’s anything but. and the characters are so interesting. my favorite is audrey, played by sherilynn fenn. what a terrific actress she is.

i never thought i’d care who killed laura palmer, but now i can’t wait to get home each evening to watch the show. if you’ve never seen it, put it in your netflix queue. if you have, time to rediscover it with the benefits of age and experience.

of course, maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. i loved inland empire too, and it made perfect sense to me.

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