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grilled chicken caesar, with tilapia and perch

enjoying my stouffer’s lean cuisine grilled chicken caesar for lunch today, looking at the box, and reading the ingredients, when i see this:

stouffer's lean cuisine grilled chicken caesar

let me zoom in for you:

stouffer's lean cuisine grilled chicken caesar

putting aside the misspelling of tilapia, it’s not very appetizing to use fish gelatin for the pasta (not sure why pasta needs gelatin anyway?) in a dish of grilled chicken caesar.



  1. Well, there are some other foods who use that… and … there are hamburguers made in part with worms too, and we eat them.
    Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente.
    (aproximated translation, “eyes who don’t see, heart who doesn’t feels”)
    Just eat, and hope not to die 🙂

    Posted on 13-Mar-08 at 4:14 pm | Permalink
  2. i like it!

    of course, my objection to fish gelatin in my chicken caesar is pretty silly when you consider the long list of odd things i’ve eaten in my life. a list that includes just about every part of the main animals we eat, along with some other strange things. it’s all about the context, though : )

    Posted on 15-Mar-08 at 8:56 am | Permalink

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