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kirk + jamie’s wedding

the beautiful vows kirk wrote

when you are cold
i will be your warmth

when you are sad
i will be your clown

when you are happy
i will be your echo

when you need your time
i will understand

when we are quiet
i will know the comfort of your presence

when we are apart
i will feel your hand in mine

i know that you are the completion of my soul
and i shall never want for care, support or love

and i shall never forget you, ever
not even if we live to be 100

i am completely absorbed in the colorful window before me

what hx magazine said

« from hx magazine – issue 438 – 28 jan 2000 page 10 – homo dish »

on tuesday, the scene switched from musical theater in a gay bar to a gay wedding in a musical theater, as kirk david lawrence and james thomas howard tied the knot on the stage of the jane street playhouse (where hedwig and the angry inch plays through the end of the month), before a loving audience of about 125 people–most of them kirk’s exes (well, three).

seen: hedwig writer (and original star) john cameron mitchell, blake west, kristen kopp, jack slomovits, tom d’ambrosio, david matos, george ennis, steven wallace, gregg moore and mistress formika, who hosted (but didn’t actually marry the lovebirds). the reverend michael carter officiated as, in matching aqua bowties and cummerbunds, the pair lit a unity candle, recited poetry to each other and listened to joe pecorino sing “the origin of love.”

then, it was party-time, with reception music provided by both the angry inch and the squeezebox house band and the cutting of a unique 3-tiered wedding cake constructed entirely of cupcakes. it was a most interesting evening all around. we must say, if any gay marriage is likely to endure, our money would be on one formalized in a building that once played host to the surviving crew of the titanic (but then, we’re awfully bitter.)



    HOW ORIGINAL!!!!!!

    Posted on 07-Apr-07 at 3:26 pm | Permalink
  2. well they meant something to us, and that’s the important thing. i’m sure your vows were self-written and worthy of the norton anthology, even if mine were only worthy of the reader’s digest. feel free to share them here in the comments.

    Posted on 09-Apr-07 at 7:33 am | Permalink
  3. Sue

    I am new to your site, and only came here because of the blog about Kristen Hall…. BUT I ABSOLUTELY have to tell you that gil john is an asshole and the vows that kirk wrote you were beautiful!!! I think that it is very touching that you would even share these precious words with anyone else.

    Posted on 10-Nov-07 at 12:26 am | Permalink
  4. hi sue,

    thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words : ) hard to believe that in a couple of years we’ll be celebrating our tenth anniversary. we’re saving up for a big celebratory trip somewhere.

    Posted on 10-Nov-07 at 7:34 am | Permalink
  5. Hallie

    That is so wonderful! I thought your vows were super.

    Sorry you had a hater. People don’t realize when they post things like that it only makes them looks bitter and jealous.

    Posted on 20-Feb-08 at 10:12 pm | Permalink

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    links from Technorati8 years. Who would have thought it possible; I certainly never thought it would happen. Funny what happens in your life when you stop looking for something to happen. Tonight, dinner at Rene Pujol. It will be wonderful. And then, who knows.Revisit the start of it all on Jamie’s site.Happy day! I love my husband. There are those in the gay community who poo-poo the whole idea, saying that we should not mirror the straight community. I say, “Fuck ‘em.” I’ve never been too keen on the whole

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